Chris Suellentrop, Yahoo! News

    Chris Suellentrop, Yahoo! News

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  • Welcome to #HashOut: The Yahoo! News talk show on Twitter

    Can you have a conversation on Twitter? A good one, that is—one that’s interesting, funny, enlightening, charming, maybe even important? The punditocracy doesn’t think so. Just the other day, Peggy Noonan said on “This Week With George Stephanopoulos” that she was anxious about whether Paul Ryan would be able to convey his ideas in a “busy, bouncy, shallow, silly, electric popping, tweeting” political environment.

  • Liveblogging CNN’s GOP debate in Arizona with Bloomberg Businessweek, Jeff Greenfield, Yahoo News & ABC News

    The 2012 presidential race hinges on what happens in Michigan on Tuesday, so of course all of the Republican candidates are in Arizona. It's the 20th debate of the campaign, and the last--presumably--before Super Tuesday on March 6. During the debate, read and contribute to our liveblog, which will feature real-time discussion and analysis from [...]

  • In New Hampshire, mayor hopes Romney will help him reject refugees

    MANCHESTER, N.H.--With Mitt Romney's strength in the polls in New Hampshire, the mayor of the state's biggest city hopes that a resolution to what he calls "the refugee resettlement question" will soon be at hand. While the Republican presidential candidates have been slugging it out in televised debates over issues like taxes and wars, one [...]