Cassie Carothers

    Cassie Carothers

  • Knife found on O.J. Simpson’s property ‘inconsistent’ with murders: Reports

    Multiple sources say the knife found on O.J. Simpson’s property is likely not related to the 1994 murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

  • Trump cites his own quotes as evidence others call him ‘a world-class businessman’

    In classic self-promotion, Trump said, “A recent article somewhere said Donald Trump is a world-class businessman.” And he’s right — but it’s his own quote.

  • Why Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux Had a Muppet Cake at Their Wedding

    This week, Jennifer Aniston and her longtime boyfriend Justin Theroux wed at a secret ceremony at their Bel Air, Calif., home. And which confection did they enjoy during the celebration? A Muppet Cake. Duh.

  • Tips for Jesus Strikes Again — in the Name of Cecil the Lion

    A lucky server named Chelsea received a $1,000 tip on an $85 bill at The Irma Hotel, in Cody, Wyoming, on Thursday. A photo of the receipt was posted to Instagram Friday with the caption, “There’s a better way to spend $55,000.

  • What Happened to Paul Newman’s Organic Food Line?

    Since 1993, grocery shoppers have been buying organic cookies, pretzels, and more from a brand with an iconic face on the label — that of blue-eyed actor Paul Newman. Standing right by his side on the packaging for Newman’s Own Organics was his daughter Nell. She was the person who convinced her father to launch the organic spin-off from his famous Newman’s Own line, which he founded in 1982 on a lark. But now, Nell’s likeness has disappeared, as has Newman’s Own Organics.

  • Four Really Good Reasons to Celebrate National Tequila Day

    Sure, you can go to a crowded Chevys bar and wait for a $2 shot of Cuervo on National Tequila Day. Or you can class it up and make one of these delicious cocktails at home.

  • Fine China, Jazz Music, and Barack-omole at White House State Dinner

    This was not your typical state dinner. A state dinner, yes, but there were no international dignitaries in attendance. Instead, there were 55 children, one from each U.S. state and territory. This was the Kids State Dinner, hosted by first lady Michelle Obama.

  • Are You Paying Too Much for Your Whole Foods?

    Whole Foods in NYC is under investigation. A year after it was forced to pay $800,000 for overcharging California residents, the grocery store chain is now the target of an NYC investigation of the same practice. During a sting operation in the fall of 2014, NYC investigators weighed 80 different types of food items at eight different NYC locations. They found they all had inaccurate labels and that customers were often being overcharged, the Daily News reported.

  • Which Restaurants Do You Think Are Healthiest?

    Eating healthily, especially when you’re on the go, isn’t always easy. But several fast food chains and restaurants have attempted to lure customers with their healthier food items.

  • How to Make 2-Ingredient Doughnuts

    Didn’t make it out in time to get a free doughnut for National Doughnut Day? Here's how to make your own at home.

  • 9 Times People Broke Doughnut World Records

    We might not all agree on who should be president in 2016, if that dress was white-gold or blue-black, or if Qatar makes sense for the 2022 World Cup. But I think we can agree on this: doughnuts are really delicious.

  • Where to Get Free Doughnuts on National Doughnut Day

    Why do we get free doughnuts on Friday? There's actually a good reason ... but who cares! Free doughnuts!

  • Your Ultimate Guide to Memorial Day Cookouts

    What better way to kick off a season full of longer days, trips to the beach, and awesome farm-fresh produce than by having a party full of delicious grilled foods, home-baked desserts, and refreshing libations.

  • How Much Water Really Goes Into Making That?

    The New York Times is here to show us exactly how much water the primary crops of California really require.

  • McDonald’s Is 75 Years Old: Here Are Some Fun Facts!

    Despite some bad headlines around McDonald's recently, the chain is an American institution that has changed the way we eat.

  • This Baby Is Very Unsure About Eating Avocado

    It’s green, mushy, and has such a subtle taste, it’s easy to see how a baby might be confused about trying its first bite of avocado. Why feed her avocado?

  • ‘Cooking with Mariah’ Is the One Video You Must Watch Today

    Funny or Die is delighting haters of precious cooking segments everywhere with its video “Cooking with Mariah Carey.” While viewers might think they’re about to get a useful video on how to make Frito Pie, they are getting anything but. We see Mariah and her cohost Bryan Safi wearing blue surgical gloves to keep their hands clean (because cooking is, as she says, “disgusting”) as she slathers ingredients — Fritos, a white substance that might be sour cream, and olive oil  — into a pie plate.

  • Why Ryan Gosling Is Finally Eating His Cereal

    When Ryan Gosling posted a Vine of himself eating cereal Monday, his short video immediately went viral.

  • Austrian Baker in Hot Water Over Sept. 11 Cake

    A cake depicting the Twin Towers, complete with two airplanes crashing into them, has an Austrian baker facing backlash.

  • 1978 Flashback: Bruce Jenner, Wheaties, and the ‘Breakfast of Champions’

    With America fixated on all things Bruce Jenner and the anticipation around his Diane Sawyer interview Friday night on ABC, it seemed an interesting moment to revisit another time when he captured this country’s attention.