Ben Manson

    Ben Manson

  • Trump peace plan's fate at stake in Israeli election Tuesday

    What happens in the Israeli elections on Tuesday could both foreshadow and affect President Trump’s fate.

  • In a gift to Netanyahu, Trump tweets U.S. support for Israel annexing Golan

    President Trump on Thursday reversed a long-standing American policy that treated Israeli occupation of the Golan Heights as temporary.

  • Israel’s celebration in Jerusalem is marred by deadly violence in Gaza

    The ceremony took place 70 years to the day since Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, formally declared the State of Israel an independent nation.

  • What’s behind the deadly Gaza protests

    Ongoing protests at the border between Gaza and Israel, now in their sixth week, are growing increasingly violent, as Palestinian demonstrators have reportedly begun using firebombs, burning tires and wire cutters to breach the barbed-wire border fence. Protesters who breached the barricade on April 27 attempted to cross into Israel, only to be repelled by Israeli soldiers, who fired at them with rubber bullets and live ammunition, killing three and injuring many others. Holding Hamas accountable for breaching the fence, Israel’s Air Force struck on Friday evening several targets inside Gaza associated with Hamas, the Islamist-fundamentalist organization that governs the Gaza Strip.

  • In Donald Trump, Israelis hear echoes of an ancient emperor

    Israelis cheered when President Trump said the U.S. recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Now prominent Israelis are comparing the American president to the ancient Persian emperor Cyrus the Great, a hero to Jews who authorized building the Second Temple — raising the possibility of building the Third Temple in Jerusalem.

  • In Israel, even the left backs Trump on Jerusalem

    Jerusalem has a special status in Israeli life and politics, and with few exceptions, parties from across the political spectrum agreed that it was time for America to recognize their country’s capital. But President Trump’s decision highlighted differences with mainstream Jewish groups in America.

  • Who posted this on Facebook? A neo-Nazi? A Klansman? No: The son of the prime minister of Israel.

    There’s an outcry in Israel over Benjamin Netanyahu’s son posting an allegedly anti-Semitic cartoon on Facebook — winning praise from David Duke and neo-Nazis. Why did he do it, and what does it mean for Netanyahu?

  • Trump heads for Israel, and a wary welcome by the once adoring right wing

    President Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel (not pictured) at a joint press conference in the East Room of the White House on Feb. 15, 2017. As a candidate and president-elect, Donald Trump was widely popular in Israel, especially on the right. For the first time, it seemed, an American president would be unreservedly sympathetic to the demands of West Bank settlers and supportive of its ambitions.