Bart Chilton

    Bart Chilton

    Bart Chilton
  • Relaxing the Volcker Rule would be a real mistake

    President Trump and his administration want to scale back regulation, including the Volcker Rule. This could come with some major negative consequences.

  • The most important business of the Olympics

    Sure, the Olympics are about friendly competition. But, they are about much more.

  • How Congress can make progress for the American people

    This week, Congress returns from their August break and many are asking if they can get any agenda items back on the rails and really make progress for the American people. They can, and here's how.

  • Trump faces a climate change conundrum

    The disagreements within the Trump Administration about if the President should do as he said and cancel the Agreement have been notable, yet no decision has been made public.

  • Market lessons from Matthew McConaughey movie 'Gold'

    Matthew McConaughey does it again by proving he can deliver the goods in his new movie, “Gold.” Like his incredible physical transformation in “Dallas Buyers Club,” for which he won the 2014 Best Actor Academy Award, he undergoes a visually monumental metamorphosis while definitively demonstrating he’s still at the top of his acting game. For those interested in financial and commodity markets, the film drills home the messages and lessons from both “The Big Short” and “Too Big to Fail:” Vigilant oversight with professional grade regulatory tools are needed to avoid potential problems. “Gold” is inspired by true events, every bit as interesting as the tale told in the film.