Andy Serwer with Max Zahn

    Andy Serwer with Max Zahn

  • Here's the lowdown on Warren Buffett's big day

    I'm attending the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting in Omaha, the first in-person such gathering since 2019. Much has changed for Warren Buffett, 91, Charlie Munger, 98, over the past three years—and much hasn’t.

  • Unions are on the rise. Guess why.

    These companies aren’t exactly from your grandfather’s day when activists organized the steel, coal and auto industries. The new surge is going after flagships of the tech and service economy.

  • Even if you’ve filed your taxes, read this.

    Have you paid your taxes yet?

  • Elon Musk is this big

    Musk’s empire, wealth and agency have never been stronger, greater and higher — and they probably haven’t peaked either.

  • How Putin's war on Ukraine hurts us all

    Russian President Vladimir Putin is destroying Ukraine and as for what he’s doing to Russia, that can only be described as financial suicide. Then there’s the harm he’s inflicting on the rest of the world, including the U.S.

  • Fighting back against Putin's war on the media

    Vladimir Putin’s global war on the media is part of his M.O. It makes the work of professional reporters that much more difficult and dangerous and makes legitimate news organizations that much more valuable.

  • Why the world's bad guys are on the rise

    The world today is rife with authoritarians, nationalists and dictators—tinpot and otherwise. And they are on the march. In fact you could make the case that we are moving towards an unprecedented anti-Democratic hegemony.

  • How companies can put an end to Putin

    The list of companies standing up to Putin is long and getting longer by the hour.

  • Here's why Putin won't win

    I am no Kremlinologist, armchair or otherwise, but I’ve seen enough of Vlad and his authoritarian ilk to have a feel for his M.O.

  • Inflation is the business opportunity of a lifetime

    Inflation numbers came out red-hot on Thursday, with prices in January rising at an annualized rate of 7.5%, the highest since February 1982. It’s worth going back four decades to see what caused inflation then and to see how that applies to today.

  • What it's like to talk with AOC

    I don’t agree with all of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's politics by any means, though some I do, especially the part about holding power accountable. But even for the rest where we disagree — to paraphrase the Beatles — I do appreciate her being 'round.

  • Why the NFL owners are exclusive socialists

    The NFL owners are a parallel universe of private wealth, and as such are one of greatest under-recognized power centers in our country. They don’t call this America’s most exclusive club for nothing.

  • How much money #MeToo CEOs should get

    In the aftermath of reckless behavior by chief executives, how much (if any) money should they be paid going forward, and should any previous payments be clawed back?

  • Who still thinks members of Congress should be able to trade stocks

    There are high-profile members on both sides of the aisle, and on both sides of the issue, i.e., both Dems and Repubs who are pro stock trading by members and both who are con. It’s a debate that has come to the fore this week.

  • Why we use more cash than ever

    In some instances, cash is still king. Some people can’t afford or don’t want bank accounts. Some merchants bridle at credit card fees. And bad guys prefer cash. But the trend is going the other way.

  • What DAOs are and what they might buy next

    Some say DAOs are having their moment—or maybe getting ready for prime time is more like it. “We believe that this past month with the ConstitutionDAO will be the NBA Top Shot moment for DAOs,” says one expert.

  • Guess who pays for all those millions of COVID-19 vaccines

    Omicron happened this week. So as the medical world shifts to a yet-to-be-determined degree, a question comes to mind: Who will pay for all this? In fact, who’s paid for all the COVID fighting to date?

  • Why you should care about Taiwan

    The disputed status of Taiwan has been an issue for almost three quarters of a century. Now for some reason Taiwan has moved from a tolerable friction point between the U.S. and China to a potential flashpoint.

  • How to play the new electric economy

    There is a revolution happening right now that’s transforming all businesses which use engines that burn fossil fuel and forcing them over to electric power.

  • The burger wars that 59% of you know nothing about

    We have entered the post-burger wars, Beyond versus Impossible, which of course serve burgers made not from meat but from plants.