Andy Serwer with Max Zahn

    Andy Serwer with Max Zahn

  • Inside America's most and least obese counties

    More and more it seems we are divided by where we live in our country. Americans’ health and wellness, where we live, and the impact of that on our society is what I will focus on today.

  • This crazy shipping crisis, explained

    No doubt you’ve heard how the world’s supply chain is being stressed like never before. What we are witnessing is a massive, unprecedented traffic jam of humankind's largest sea vessels that is at the very core of the conundrum.

  • Why all the change in China matters to us

    Changes in China are pronounced and highly visible. What does all this mean for the United States? That the Chinese economy was going to become really big, we all saw it coming a mile away. But we didn’t envision on what terms this would occur.

  • Demystifying cryptocurrency one month at a time

    Is crypto at some sort of crossroads? Yes, yes and no. I don’t mean to be flip, it’s just that it’s always this with crypto. And will be for years and years and probably decades to come, until it all gets sorted out.

  • 7 ways men live without working in America

    Almost one third of all working age men in America aren’t doing diddly-squat. They don’t have a job and they aren’t looking for one either. How do they live? What are they doing for money? To me, this is one of the great mysteries of our time.

  • Why 9/11 lives with all of us

    For those of us who recall 9/11, there is an entire range of experience. Luckily for me, my experience comes nowhere near those who lost someone close. I was in Manhattan that day, though, and I did feel some of the terror.

  • What I think will happen next

    What will be the course of the pandemic and of course, this being Yahoo Finance, what might it mean for the markets and the economy, and even more than that our society?

  • What the Metaverse is and why it matters to you

    In the summer of 2021, the Metaverse became a thing, a thing that will become bigger than COVID, or the stock market for that matter.

  • Where the U.S. stands after Afghanistan with China and the world

    How the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan affects our relationship with the Chinese,

  • Why hard seltzer is still America's 'it' drink

    Headlines are declaring the end of the hard seltzer craze, but more than a few experts in the business say the segment has room to grow.

  • Should you own (maybe just a little) bitcoin?

    Is crypto the (new) trade of our lifetime? Heretofore each downturn has been followed by the price of the coin recovering and then going on to greatly exceed its previous high. Doesn’t that scream long term buy and hold?

  • How the Federal Reserve can really help America

    The Fed’s boosting of the economy by keeping interest rates low disproportionately helps rich people and thereby actually disadvantages those in need. As such, the Fed needs a wake up call, or maybe a reset is a better way to put it.

  • Why the meme stock revolution will last

    Sometimes things really are different. Crypto certainly is. As for the retail investor revolution, I’m less certain, but if you consider that the driving force behind it is really technology, then that would seem to be different, and to a degree permanent.

  • The 100 Greatest Things about America 2021

    We’re back and better than ever! I’m talking about America post (sort of) COVID, but also Yahoo Finance’s 100 Greatest Things about America list.

  • Secret heroes of the pandemic...and the recovery

    The work some business people did during the pandemic was pretty damn remarkable. Maybe even heroic. Especially the folks who ran hospitals and made vaccines. But it applies to other health care companies too, from CEOs down to the hourly workers.

  • Answering the great inflation question of our time

    The current debate over inflation really revolves around two questions: First, is this current spate of inflation, just that, a spate—or to use Wall Street’s buzzword of the moment? And second, transitory inflation or not, what does it suggest for the economy and markets?

  • Billionaires pay no taxes while workers get no raises

    The big takeaway from the past week in business news is that A) secretly released documents show that billionaires aren’t paying their fair share in taxes. And meanwhile, B) hotels and restaurants and other businesses can’t find enough people to work

  • The bull market in news is over. Now what?

    The bull market in news is over, finito, kaput. Not forever of course but for now. So what’s next for the news business?

  • Commerce Secretary tells how to fix the crazy car shortage

    So we have auto shortages and billions of dollars of car sales lost, prices gone bananas for used cars and thousands of jobs at risk. What the hell happened? Well COVID yes, but executives made some bad calls too. That plus over-dependence on a fragile and non-U.S.-based supply chain.

  • On Warren Buffett's relationship with Charlie Munger

    Charlie Munger, 97, and Warren Buffett, 90, the greatest buddy act in the history of American business, will be reunited at this year's Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting.