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  • ‘People of Earth’ Review: Close Encounters with Aliens in Conan O’Brien’s TBS Sitcom

    Extraterrestrials have lived among us (“3rd Rock From the Sun”), set up their own neighborhoods (“The Neighbors”), mixed with other species where they hung out in space (“Red Dwarf”) and even featured prominently on “Saturday Night Live” for several years (the Coneheads sketches back in the ’70s).Taking the concept and twisting it around to focus on those who have had alien encounters, however, is a pretty fresh take on the topic. Viewers meet a group of misfits at an “experiencers” support group – run by former “SNL” star Ana Gasteyer – when Ozzie Graham (“The Daily Show’s” stoic-faced Wyatt Cenac) shows up to write an article on their experiences.

  • 'The Strain': Carlton Cuse on That Massive, "Catalyzing" Season Finale Twist

    Carlton Cuse breaks down the game-changing moment and the upcoming fourth and final season.

  • ‘The Great Indoors’ Review: Joel McHale Is Back, and Among the Millennials

    If that feels a little nit-picky, the premise is also pretty familiar: it’s how Tim Allen got himself back on television with the Friday night comedy “Last Man Standing.” When his character’s travel budget was slashed he was forced to work in an actual office environment and acclimatize to the female way of life around him both there and at home. For his part McHale does what he can with the multi-camera format.

  • 'Life in Pieces' Creator on Experimenting With Format and Courting Justin Bieber

    Justin Adler talks experimenting with the story format, season-long learning curves and Betsy Brandt's goldfish.

  • 'This Is Us' Creator Reveals Game Plan Behind Big Jack Reveal

    The first-year NBC drama finally reveals Jack's whereabouts in the present-day storyline.

  • ‘Man With a Plan’ Review: Matt LeBlanc Returns to Sitcom Life, Now as a Confused Dad

    Matt LeBlanc is certainly no stranger to multi-camera comedies; after all, the former “Friends” star parlayed his success on that NBC smash into the poorly received “Joey” spinoff, making him a vet at the format.

  • Main Icelandic airline Icelandair is well aware of the country's growing popularity and now it's looking to target another type of traveller: the stopover guest. In order to lure even more visitors into the country the airline is offering passengers flying across the Atlantic a chance to stopover in Iceland for up to seven days at no additional airfare. What's more, the company has brought back its popular Stopover Buddy program, where passengers can request their own personal host from the airline for up to one day.

  • 'This Is Us': Mandy Moore on Adoption, Singing and Balancing the Gut-Wrenching Past and Present

    The actress talks with THR about playing a 66-year-old on NBC's breakout Dan Fogelman drama as well as what to expect from the twisty (and emotional) series.

  • ‘American Housewife’ Review: Katy Mixon Stars as a Woman of a Certain Size

    If the word “fat” makes you uncomfortable, “American Housewife” is either going to leave you squirming in your seat or getting over that bashfulness pretty darned quickly. Katy Mixon, whom viewers will recognize as Melissa McCarthy‘s onscreen sister on “Mike & Molly” or as the love interest on “Eastbound and Down,” finally breaks out as the star she’s meant to be, as leading lady Katie Otto in ABC’s latest comedic offering.

  • ‘Insecure’ Review: Issa Rae Shines in HBO Comedy About Dating and Friendship

    Issa Rae may be a self-proclaimed “Awkward Black Girl” but after this weekend the writer, director, producer, actress and Stanford grad will emerge as the new voice of her generation. In a nutshell, “Insecure” is a down-to-earth look at the relationship between two best friends (Rae and Yvonne Orji’s Molly character), their existential life crises and what it’s like to navigate L.A. as black females in today’s climate. At the outset it seems like Issa has it all–a five-year relationship, a solid job where her opinion matters and a bestie whom everyone loves.

  • ‘Divorce’ Review: Sarah Jessica Parker Is Still in the City, With Less Sex

    Mention Sarah Jessica Parker and HBO in the same sentence and it’s hard not to think of “Sex and the City.” Similarly, it’s hard to see a title like “Divorce” and imagine it being anything but a drama. For her part, Parker perhaps hopes the role will finally help her shed those infamous “Sex” days of cosmos and Manolo Blahniks. As such the actress’s look on “Divorce” is anything but high-fashion.

  • 'How to Get Away With Murder's' Liza Weil on "Devastating" Death Reveal and 'Gilmore Girls' Return

    The actress discusses the season-long murder arc and differentiating Paris Geller and Bonnie Winterbottom.

  • 'How to Get Away With Murder': Which Character Is Dead?

    A ranking of the characters most likely to have died in season three.

  • ‘No Tomorrow’ Review: Tori Anderson in a Lighthearted End-of-the-World Comedy

    In keeping with the success of “Jane the Virgin” and “My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” CW is looking towards another charming but goofy leading lady in the form of Canadian Tori Anderson for Tuesday’s premiere of “No Tomorrow.” And they’ve enlisted former “Galavant” star Joshua Sasse to help.

  • ‘Conviction’ Review: An Injustice How This Show Wastes Hayley Atwell

    The series, which was created by Liz Friedlander and is obviously designed as a star vehicle for Atwell – the former Agent Peggy Carter on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. –  is a mess from beginning to end, full of clichéd characters and confusing rules. Viewers meet leading lady Hayes Morrison in the opening minutes at “her worst,” which for her means looking perfectly coiffed and in jail following a supposed bust for cocaine.

  • ‘Timeless’ Review: Abigail Spencer and Company Go Back to the Past

    Thanks to a strong behind-the-scenes team consisting of  Shawn Ryan (“The Shield”) and Eric Kripke (“Supernatural”) there’s been plenty of early buzz surrounding the series, which also happens to star small-screen darling Abigail Spencer (“Rectify,” “Mad Men”), former “90210” kid Matt Lanter, funny guy Malcolm Barrett (“Better Off Ted”) and Goran Visnjic (“ER”) as the history-changing bad guy. The trio, consisting of historian Lucy (Spencer), muscle Wyatt (Lanter) and technician Rufus (Barrett), works well together in that misfits-trying-to-get-along kind of way.

  • 'Blindspot's' Luke Mitchell Discusses His "Ruthless" Character and Why He Almost Turned Down the Role

    Luke Mitchell opens up about moving from 'Agents of SHIELD' to 'Blindspot' and his complicated character. He "has a lot of pain," the actor tells THR.

  • How Did 'This Is Us' Follow Up Its Twisty Premiere?

    Ranking the emotional punches on the second episode of NBC's new Dan Fogelman family drama.

  • 'How to Get Away With Murder' Premiere Reveals Big Twist and Another Shocking Death

    Showrunner Pete Nowalk opens up to THR about “the hardest decision in the history of the show.”

  • ‘Notorious’ Review: ABC Legal Drama Tries to Please All, Ends Up a Mess

    There’s the high-pressure TV newsroom and the successful producer Julia George (Piper Perabo) who is tasked with getting all the big guests. There’s high-profile lawyer Jake Gregorian (Daniel Sunjata) who goes above and beyond for his sketchy clients. Rather than taking the time to flesh out the actual relationship between Julia and Jake and explain why audiences are supposed to care, the friendship is taken at face value after an “unexpected” twist during a live newscast.