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John Oliver shoots down Trump’s plan to increase the U.S. Border Patrol

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On Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, Oliver discussed President Trump‘s plan to increase the number of Border Patrol agents by 25 percent. Oliver says a fast-tracked hiring of 5,000 agents would hurt the U.S Customs and Border Protection agency. Oliver described the role of border agents “a mixture between humanitarian work and law enforcement,” and said not everyone can do the job.

Oliver cited repeated instances in which the last Border Patrol hiring push brought in less-than-desirable agents and rushed them through training. Oliver was especially disappointed that Spanish instruction and physical training would be reduced.

The comedian said, “It’s like if the training program at SeaWorld left out putting on a wetsuit and systematically driving carnivorous whales insane. That’s the whole job! Take them away, you are left with nothing else.”

Oliver also said the job is incredibly boring, as many agents spend their days alone patrolling desolate areas.

Oliver made a commercial to try to recruit agents, saying, “If you are kind, physically fit, impervious to bribery or boredom, and you want to serve your country by enforcing a controversial and ever-changing set of policies in the most humane way possible, then give us a call. The border patrol: We are hiring!”

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