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From sweet tributes, to cherubs and numerals: the Beckham family's many tattoos and their meanings

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In case you weren’t aware, the Beckhams are a family who love tattoos.

It’s a trend that started with dad, David, who has in excess of 40 of them. By and large, the ex-footballers inkings all have special meanings, whether its a tribute to his ‘pretty lady’ Harper Beckham, a symbolic three cherubs (that’s his sons) helping him up, or a nod to what was a ‘good year’ for him: 1999.

David’s love for body art is clearly something that has been passed down to his son, Brooklyn, who got his first tat at age 18. Since, the budding photographer has racked up his total to 21 in just a year, often using his dad’s favourite tattoo artist, Mark Mahoney.

Even family matriarch, Victoria, has a few tattoos of her own, mainly dating back to the noughties. Among her inkings include (now removed) Hebrew writing down her back, Roman numerals on her wrist and her husband’s initials.

As far as we’re aware, the youngest of the family – Romeo, 16, Cruz, 13, and Harper, 7 – remain tattoo-free (as you’d hope), but we give it just a couple of years until Romeo books in an appointment with Mr Mahoney.

We break down the Beckham family’s love affair with body art…

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David’s cherubs

These days, David’s chest barely has an inch of bare skin, but back in the day, he started off with a large tattoo on his left pec. The tattoo supposedly depicts Jesus and three cherubs, representing his three sons – Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz – lifting him out of a tomb.
[Photo: Rex]

David’s cross

A tattoo on the back of David’s neck features a gothic-style cross and angel wings. The tattoo sits just about his ‘Romeo’ tattoo (not seen here) as a protective symbol watching over it.
[Photo: Rex]

David’s Chinese proverb

Running right down his left side, David has a Chinese proverb, which reads: “Death and life have determined appointments. Riches and honor depend upon heaven.”
[Photo: Rex]

David’s rose

David has tons of roses littered over his body in tribute to his wife Victoria. Aside from ten on his wrist, in honour of their tenth wedding anniversary, David also has one on his neck.
[Photo: Rex]

David’s ‘Pretty lady’ and ‘Harper’

Soon after his daughter Harper was born, David got her name tattooed on his neck, as is tradition with all of his children. Later on, the doting dad had the words ‘Pretty lady’ etched in above it.
[Photo: Instagram]

David’s 99

“99 was a good year for me,” David explained his finger inking on his Instagram. Incidentally, 1999 was the year his son Brooklyn was born, the yeat he got married to Victoria, and the year his team Manchester United won the Premier League, FA Cup and UEFA Champions League in a season.
[Photo: Instagram]

David’s ‘Buster’

In yet another sweet tribute to his son Brooklyn, David got the name ‘Buster’ on his neck alongside a d love heart. The dad explained on his Instagram: “I’ve always called Brooklyn (Buster) since the day he was born…. Love you Bust.”
[Photo: Instagram]

David’s birds

David loves birds, and added four birds of prey to his neck in 2017. [Photo: Rex]

David’s hand tattoos

There’s a whole lot going on on David’s hands, between his wife Victoria’s name, a swallow, and the words “Dream big be unrealistic” from Jay Z and Beyonce’s ‘On the Run’ tour.
[Photo: Rex]

David’s eagle

David also has an eagle under his left armpit. He posted his new inking to Instagram with the simple caption: “RISE ABOVE”. [Photo: Instagram]

David’s cherubs

Adding to his obsession with cherubs – he has already has three on his chest and two on his right arm – David has an inking of two cherubs on his lower left leg. [Photo: Instagram]

Victoria’s ‘DB’ initials

One of Victoria Beckham’s first tattoos was her husband’s initials ‘DB’ on her wrist. On her tenth wedding anniversary, Victoria added to her tattoo, getting the words ‘Together, forever, eternally,’ in Hebrew underneath.
[Photo: Getty]

Victoria’s Hebrew words

Victoria’s back tattoo running down her spine was iconic at the time, but she’s since has it removed. It read, “Ani l’dodi li va’ani lo haroeh bashoshanim”, in Hebrew which means “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine”.
[Photo: Getty]

Victoria’s Roman numerals

On Victoria’s right wrist, she has the Roman numerals “VIII-V-MMVI” tattooed meaning “May 8, 2006″, the date she renewed her wedding vowels with David. Under the numerals, reads the Latin phrase “De Integro” which means “again from the start.”
[Photo: Rex]

Brooklyn’s Native American

Brooklyn Beckham booked his first tattoo with Mark Mahoney a month after his 18th birthday, and his debut? A Native American, as a tribute to his father, who has a very similar tattoo under his left armpit.
[Photo: Instagram]

Brooklyn’s cherub

Like his father, Brooklyn appears to be a lover of cherub tattoos, and got this rather large inking of a cherub shooting a bow and arrow on his sternum.
[Photo: Instagram]

Brooklyn’s date

Brooklyn loves his three siblings, and proved it when he had Romeo, Cruz and Harper’s birth years tattood above his elbow.
[Photo: Instagram]

Brooklyn’s 1975

Soon after, Brooklyn got his father’s birth year tattooed on his right hand.
[Photo: Instagram]

Brooklyn’s dancer

In another sweet tribute to his baby sister, Harper, Brooklyn got a ballet dancer inked on his right calf.
[Photo: Instagram]

Brooklyn’s ‘Buster’

Similar to his father’s neck tattoo, Brooklyn got his nickname, ‘Buster’, inked just above his belly button.
[Photo: Instagram]

Brooklyn’s ‘mum’

The photographer has paid tribute to his siblings and father, so it seemed only fair to get a whopping huge ‘mum’ tattoo in his left bicep.
[Photo: Instagram]

Brooklyn’s compass

Brooklyn added a compass to his left forearm, no doubt indicating a love of travel. [Photo: Instagram]

Brooklyn’s ‘Made in England’

Brooklyn got the words ‘Made in England’ tattood on his left foot. It was once believed that Brooklyn was ‘made’ in Brooklyn, New York, hence giving him his name – a rumour that has since been quashed.
[Photo: Instagram]

Brooklyn’s camera

One of Brooklyn’s biggest loves is photography, so the young Beckham maid tribute to his passion by getting a camera on his left bicep.
[Photo: Instagram]

Brooklyn’s 7

Brooklyn’s ‘7’ could be tribute to his sister, Harper Seven Beckham, or his father’s famous shirt number.
[Photo: Instagram]

Brooklyn’s eagle

In another tribute to his father, Brooklyn got an eagle tattoo on his left hand, much like his dad’s.
[Photo: Instagram]

Brooklyn’s cherubs on a cloud

Brooklyn’s most recent tattoo – four cherubs on his right pec – is a dead-ringer for his father’s cherub tattoo in a similar position.
[Photo: Instagram]


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