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A stark divide: Incredible aerial pictures show how the world's rich and poor live side by side

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These incredible aerial photographs show the clear contrast between the richest and poorest people across the world.

Bird’s-eye view pictures captured across the globe show the levels of inequality in close proximity, with the richest and poorest living side by side.

The photographs make up africanDRONE founder and photographer Johnny Miller’s ‘Unequal Scenes’ project.

Miller, who used DJI drones to take the images, has seen his project internationally recognised and awarded.

He moved to South Africa from America six years ago and said he found the inequality on display ‘impossible to ignore’.

Miller added that he believes ‘inequality is the defining challenge of this generation’.


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Ixtapaluca, Mexico City

Swathes of colour on the richest side in Mexico City, are a stark contrast to the blandness on the poorest side (MediaDrumWorld/Johnny Miller)

Casey Park, Johannesburg

Spacious mansions sit just across the road from where people live in poverty in South Africa (MediaDrumWorld/Johnny Miller)

Tembisa, Johannesburg

Miller said inequality in South Africa was impossible to ignore (MediaDrumWorld/Johnny Miller)

Loresho/Kawangare, Nairobi

Uniformity on the top half of this picture is replaced by tightly-packed shacks (MediaDrumWorld/Johnny Miller)

Primrose/Makause, Johannesburg

Miller’s shots of South Africa show large houses sitting next to dwellings made out of scrap and tin (MediaDrumWorld/Johnny Miller)

Oyster Bay/Masasani, Dar es Salaam

Lush greenery is virtually nowhere to be seen on the poor side in Oyster Bay in Dar es Salaam (MediaDrumWorld/Johnny Miller)

Kibera, Nairobi

People play golf just across where others are surviving in ramshackle shelters in Nairobi (MediaDrumWorld/Johnny Miller)

Santa Fe, Mexico City

This remarkable photo of Santa Fe in Mexico City form part of Miller’s Unequal Scenes project (MediaDrumWorld/Johnny Miller)

Santa Fe, Mexico City

Neighbours in this area of Santa Fe in Mexico City live very different lives (MediaDrumWorld/Johnny Miller)

Papwa Sewgolum Golf Course, Durba

Golfers enjoy a day out close to where people live on the breadline in Ethiopia (MediaiDrumWorld/Johnny Miller)

Lake Michelle/Masiphumelele, Cape Town

Greenery separates the rich from the poor in Cape Town (MediaiDrumWorld/Johnny Miller)

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