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Las Vegas shooting: Conspiracy theorists spread rumours about gunman Stephen Paddock amid pictures and rumoured note

Andrew Griffin
The Independent

Conspiracy theories are continuing to swirl around the Las Vegas shooting, amid the revelation of new pictures and rumours of a note from the killer.

The motives and actions of Stephen Paddock, who killed 59 people who were attending a rock concert, still remain entirely mysterious. It appears to be that near complete lack of information that is helping the falsehoods and theories to spread, as people try desperately to understand what happened that night.

It has now been three days since the attack and those theories are showing no signs of abating, despite there being no meaningful signs that any of them have any basis, and they are perhaps becoming more prevalent. Police are still struggling just as hard to understand why the attack took place, they say.

New pictures leaked from inside the hotel room where Paddock carried out the attack have led to even more fervent speculation. Some claim that one shows a note left on a table inside the room –

Police said Paddock took his own life before a SWAT team stormed his room (CNN )

Some who believe the picture show a note suggest that its contents are being hidden from the public. There is not simply no information found, they suggest, but in fact information has been discovered that is being intentionally kept secret – but there is no indication of any coverup, and police appear instead to simply be struggling to put together why Paddock decided to carry out the deadliest mass shooting in recent US history.

Police haven't mentioned the discovery of any note, and the piece of paper in the picture looks just as likely to be a bill or other unimportant document. Authorities have said they have no indication of the motive for the attack, and there has been no suggestion they have read any message from him.

It appears to be that mystery that is leading to the huge amounts of conjecture surrounding the attack. While some details have emerged of Paddock's whereabouts and behaviour on the night, they are incredibly sparse.

What details there have tended to be unexplained and added further mystery to what happened the night of the attack. Police have said that Paddock had an array of cameras inside and outside the room, for instance – and have admitted they do not know what they were being used for, and haven't said if any footage was collected.

Other strange details have led to extra speculation. The local sheriff said that Paddock may have been "radicalised" for instance, but he did not elaborate any further on why he said that or whether police had any concrete indication of his views.

Other unfounded rumours have spread in the aftermath of the attack. Some have suggested that there was actually more than one person shooting out of the hotel, for instance – but that appears to simply be a consequence of the confusion on the night, and police have said that Paddock is the only man they think was involved in the attack.

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