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How 'The Muppets' Came Up With Miss Piggy's Dream Date List

Dave Nemetz

Now that The Muppets star Miss Piggy is single (and “partying it up, big time!”), she’s looking for a new man to parade around on her arm… er, hoof. And of course, only an A-lister will do.

In tonight’s episode, Kermit and his staff scrambled to come up with a suitable date to escort Piggy to the People’s Choice Awards — and the list of celebrity names they came up with was a hilarious nod to Piggy’s very exclusive taste in men.

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Yahoo TV asked The Muppets executive producer Bob Kushell to run down the famous names on Piggy’s list and explain what Piggy sees in each of them. “The only thing Miss Piggy looks for in a man is someone with a great sense of humor,” Kushell insists. “That’s it. Nothing else matters. As long as he’s rich.”

Keep in mind: These names came from the “free pass” list Piggy had while she was still dating Kermit — which explains why quite a few of them are married now. “It was all in good fun. Piggy would never pursue a married man,” Kushell explains. “Except for Brad Pitt. God, Piggy would really like to bring that Angelia Jolie down a peg!”

Plus, as a special bonus, Kushell even gave us the "supercouple” celebrity tabloid name Piggy would have with each suitor. (You have to think about these things when you’re a big star like Piggy, you see.)

Jeff Goldblum (“Goldbliggy”): “Goldblum is a debonair ladies’ man who knows how to treat a woman with respect. So, exactly the kind of man Miss Piggy could control.”

Matt Damon (“Damiggy”): “Damon and Miss Piggy both enjoy gaining weight for movie roles.”

Gerard Depardieu (“Depardiggy”): “The man is French. ‘Nuff said.”

Brad Pitt (“Braggy”): “They have nothing in common. But oh, how Piggy would love to take Angelina Jolie down a peg.”

James Franco (“Friggy”): “Franco is an eccentric actor who changes with each role. Piggy is an egocentric talk show host who changes between commercials.”

David Beckham (“Beck-ham”): “Beckham would get more kicks with Piggy than in all the World Cups he’s ever played.”

And were there any famous men that didn’t make the cut? “Donald Trump,” Kushell reveals. “Not wealthy enough.”

The Muppets airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.


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