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Donald Trump Has Been Successfully In-peached!

Andy McDonald

Here he is. Not impeached, butIN-peached.

Let us explain: On Monday, a White House statement claimed that while on his current trip abroad, Donald Trump aims to“promote the possibility of lasting peach”between Israelis and Palestinians.

What better time to roll out the Article of Inpeachment (this article!)?

Liberals, break out the peachschnapps: The country is about to launch into a big, somewhat unified inpeachment party!

So what does the inpeachment entail? Congress actually doesn’t have to get involved, as a president is successfully inpeached after someone (anyone) simply imposes a photo of the politician on a photo of a peach to make it appear that said politician is trapped inside said peach.

And that is what has happened: The president of the United States has been inpeached.

Like the office of president, many may wonder just how he got in there.

These last few months have been the pits, so it’s understandable if you have fuzzy feelings about this decision ― despite what the inpeachment process may mean for this country.

During his campaign, our current president was like, “Knock, knock,” and the country was like, “Who’s there?” to which he responded, “Orange,” and most of us were like, “That seems bad,” and then he said something like, “Orange you glad I have a banana?” and that seemed really bad, but then some of our roommates let Orange in anyway. He hasn’t been a great houseguest, and now it’s just fun to be like, “WELL, ORANGE YOU GLAD WE INPEACHED YOU?”

Fruit humor!

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