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Ivanka Trump posts sweet photo of kids hiding under her red dress -- but many were quick to call out her mistake

Hannah Kramer

On Tuesday evening, Ivanka Trump shared a photo of herself heading out for the evening, with her three kids hiding under her red floor-length gown.

The photos, which was posted to both Twitter and Instagram, shows the glamorous first daughter laughing as Arabella, Joseph and Theodore take cover under her dress. In another photo, little Theodore is dressed in his pajamas, peeking out from under her gown.


Ivanka captioned the photo with a simple "Peak-a-boo" -- a misspelling which wasn't overlooked by many of her social media followers. Many were quick to call out the simple spelling mistake and a few even compared the moment to a meme of Trump in jail.

A handful of commentators, however, praised the sweet moment between the mother and her children. "The story of every mom's life!!!" wrote one user. Said another, "You are such a cool mama!".

We're unsure where Ivanka was heading, but it was back to business the next morning with retweet about STEM education.

"K-12 #STEM education is critical to ensuring our youth are prepared for the careers of the future. Join the conversation! #CSforKids#CSEdWeek," she wrote in the tweet on Wednesday.

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