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10 Easy Halloween Costumes That Each Use Only 1 Beauty Product

Devon Kelley
Assistant Beauty Editor
Yahoo Beauty

For some, Halloween is the most exciting time of year. But the weeks — even months — of planning can be daunting. And when you finally get around to collecting the necessary items for your costume, you probably realize you’re way too late. If you got lazy and missed the boat on the awesome get-up you originally planned, here are the 10 best costumes you can whip up using just one beauty product (that you might already have in your collection) for each costume!

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Gigi Hadid

Rainbow highlighter took the internet by storm last month, and it's the only thing you need to perfect an ethereal unicorn makeup look, as modeled by Gigi Hadid. Swipe the $5 highlighter across your cheekbones up to your temples, on your brow bones, cupid's bow, down your nose, and on the inner corners of your eyes. Get serious and put it on your lips, forehead, chin, and brows too. Complete the look with hair slicked into a messy knot above your forehead. (Photo: Instagram/WetnWild)

Frida Kahlo

Transform intoFrida Kahlo with the help of a dark brow gel and a sharp, angled brush. The powerful woman didn't tame her bushy unibrow (so skip plucking yours), and simply adorn your milkmaid braids with brilliant flowers. (Photo: Getty/Lancome)

Kylie Jenner

You don't need to invest in a Kylie Lip Kit to dress up as this beauty maven. Slip on your most figure-hugging ensemble in a neutral color and pop on a set of wax lips. We also recommend a heavy contour. (Photo: Instagram/Getty)

Teyana Taylor in “Fade”

Teyana Taylor's fit body in Kanye West's Fade video had men and women swooning. At the end of the video, Taylor appears with a cat face that confused the world, and we kind of love it. To recreate the star’s look, fill in the underside of your nose with a brown eyeliner pencil. Draw a vertical line from the bottom of your nose to the top of your lip, and fill in your upper lip with liner. Complete the look with a strong brow in a similar shade, and a cat-eye that wings up at the outer corners and dips down at the inner corner. (Photo: YouTube/Make Up For Ever)

Ryan Lochte

Like it or not, Ryan Lochte's pool-blue hair is now iconic. Douse your locks with icy spray and don some red, white, and blue garb. Grills are a plus! (Photo: Getty/Icing)

Selena Quintanilla

This month, MAC released a makeup collection honoring iconic singer Selena Quintanilla. Women everywhere flocked to opening locations, waiting in line overnight to get their hands on the collection. The makeup line is now going on eBay for hundreds of dollars, but you can recreate Selena's signature romantic look with MAC's other pigments. Swipe on a glossy red lip and a soft cat-eye to emulate the late singer. Tease your hair and add a pair of statement earrings for the full effect. (Photo: Getty/MAC)

David Bowie

The great starman David Bowie passed away this year, but his legacy will live on forever. Pay homage to Bowie's most iconic character, Ziggy Stardust, this Halloween. If his famous lightning-bolt makeup is too intimidating for you, grab your brightest blush and gold highlighter to recreate another standout style. Give yourself a heavy contour using blush alone, and create a circular ring on your forehead in the same color. Fill in the ring with gold, and dust the same shade over your lids. Recreate Bowie's metallic lip by mixing a bit of your highlighter with Aquaphor and painting it on with a brush. Complete the look with a coiffed ‘do and slicked-back sides, reminiscent of Bowie's bright red mullet. (Photo: Getty/Sephora)

Daenerys Targaryen

The “Mother of Dragons” is strikingly beautiful, and her look is easy to pull off with the help of a long, wavy, white-blond wig. Adorn it with criss-crossing braids, and add a high-contrast brow to the equation. (Photo: HBO/Etsy)

“The Neon Demon”

Elle Fanning's character in The Neon Demon is a doe-eyed young model who's seen too much of the world. Surround your eyes in stick-on jewels and swipe on a Barbie-pink lip. Wear milkmaid braids and fake blood from the neck down for the full effect. (Photo: Bold Films/Michaels)

U.S. Olympic gymnastics team

Be one of everybody's favorite American girls with patriotic ribbons and a sleek ponytail. Add a bold eye or bright lip, and decorate a red or white leotard to make the look pop. (Photo: Getty/Zazzle)


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