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Green PolkaDot Box Completes Acquisition of Living Produce(R) Site


MOUNT PLEASANT, UT / ACCESSWIRE / June 8, 2015 / Green PolkaDot Box Incorporated (GPDB) announced today that it completed acquisition of 40-acres in Sanpete County, Utah for its first Living Produce(R) Growing Center. GPDB has trademarked "Living Produce(R)" to coincide with the development of its new, patent pending, vertical produce growing technology; including a new patented organic fertilizer compound that increases nutrient density. Living Produce(R) has the potential to produce nutrient-dense yields in leafy green vegetables and herbs by as much as 65 times those of some conventionally grown crops.

The 40-acres of farmland includes a high-volume well situated near Interstate highway 89. GPDB has developed working drawings, received a building permit and prepared the building site, including anchor pins, to make ready for construction of Phase I and II of its first Living Produce(R) Growing Center ("LPGC").

Phase I will be 9,450 square foot, 4-zone, climate-controlled facility that will accommodate the propagation and growing of eleven or more super varieties of organic and non-genetically modified Living Produce(R), including various types of tomatoes, cucumbers, squashes, peppers, lettuces, herbs, beans, peas and strawberries. The facility can produce up to 75,000 vegetable plants per month or 900,000 plants per year; the sales of which can generate approximately $1.8 million in annual revenues, achieving 50% gross profit margin.

Upon receipt of $1.5 million in funding, Phase I will take approximately 90-days to complete construction. Propagation will commence immediately after, harvesting of some plant varieties could occur 60 days after completion of construction as early as November 2015.

Phase II of Living Produce, a 2-acre project located adjacent to Phase I, It will cost approximately $5 million to develop and have the capacity to produce and process over 6 million pounds of Living Produce(R) varieties, annually. Phase II can grow enough produce to serve commercial customers and over 8,000 residential customers living in the western U.S. with weekly, next day deliveries.

The video Next Online Giant explains the potential impact that Living Produce(R) will have on the organic produce marketplace and health-minded consumers.

What is "Living Produce(R)?"

Superior Plant Nutrients: GPDB's proprietary and patent-pending growing technology delivers the full spectrum of nutrients required for healthy, sustainable plant growth. Consumers are able to see and taste the difference and view the "specs" (the vitamin/mineral contents of each plant and their respective benefits in promoting a strong, healthy immune system.) GPDB will be the first grower to sell its produce "by spec" (specification), raising the bar for exceptional produce beyond the reach of its competitors.

Living Plants: In most cases, the produce to be offered by GPDB is alive, literally, when harvested and delivered the next day to the commercial customer's place of business. These plants can remain alive for 7-10 days before they begin to deteriorate and lose peak phytonutrient value.

Year-Round Production: GPDB's Living Produce will be grown in "closed" indoor, climate-controlled growing centers, enabling year-round production of favorite varieties and also rare species that are sometimes very hard to get.

Less Environmental Impact: Produce growth with vertical technology requires less than 5% of the land mass normally used for production with less than 95% of the water. But that's not all. With some varieties the growing cycle is only 30-days, meaning that GPDB can get up to 12 times the normal yield of traditionally grown plants. GPDB plans on using low energy cost geothermal heating and cooling systems to minimize environmental impact. Also, because the plants are living when shipped, minimal packaging is required.

Enhanced Food Safety: Because vertical growing can take place in "closed system" greenhouse facilities, GPDB can maintain a sterile growing and handling environment. Unlike with organically grown crops in outdoor environments, we can eliminate plant contamination from animal feces and urine, transfer of feces from human picking and handling, airborne pathogens, and downwind over spray of toxic chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides. Your food supply of fresh harvested produce will be safer than any other source of organic produce.

About Green PolkaDot Box (OTC Symbol: GPDB)

Green PolkaDot Boxis America's premier online buying collective for organic and non-GMO natural foods at wholesale pricing. The Company leverages proprietary technology and products with its dynamic, interactive website and customer relationship management software to provide a unique shopping experience. The Company also empowers other businesses and organizations to establish an online Health Merchant store-a non-stocking distributorship-for their own benefit. For more information on Green PolkaDot Box, please visit: www.greenpolkadotbox.com.

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