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Twitter can’t handle all the juicy details in BET’s ‘The Bobby Brown Story’

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On Tuesday’s The Bobby Brown Story: Part 1, the two-part BET event touched on a whole host of scandalous topics and, of course, Twitter took notice. Starting with the relationship Brown had with pop icon Janet Jackson in the late 80s. A hotel room rendezvous that included a rather graphic sex scene followed by a relationship-ending argument, definitely had fans talking.

Then there was Brown’s proposal to Whitney Houston, which came right after he cheated on her with a the mother of one of his kids at the time, Kim Ward, which led to a second child with her. Naturally, fans weren’t happy.

Another topic that Twitter seemed to have a nose for, was when Brown first discovered that Houston did cocaine: on their wedding day. This led to the best line of the night.“Ok well, now you know. I do coke sometimes,” Houston allegedly said. But some viewers had a hard time believing that was the first time Brown knew anything.

And finally, learning that Brown’s wife since 2012, Alicia Etheredge-Brown, has been in the picture since the early 90s, turned some heads as well.

The Bobby Brown Story originally airs September 4th & 5th at 9 p.m. on BET.Check out what fans had to say about Kendrick Lamar’s acting debut on Power:

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