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The Best Horror Films You Haven't Seen

Will Lerner

In the spirit of Halloween, Yahoo Movies has been spending the past few weeks recommending different horror films. If you’re a fan of frightening flicks, you’ve probably heard about movies like The Haunting or Let the Right One In. But what about ones that have been more or less forgotten? They deserve a little love too. Here are the best horror movies you haven’t seen.

Trilogy of Terror

Trilogy of Terror aired on ABC in 1975. (MPI Home Video)

Long before American Horror Story was brought to the world, there was 1975’s Trilogy of Terror, a television horror movie anthology that aired in three segments. Similar to how Ryan Murphy’s band of actors will take on different parts, Karen Black played a total of four different roles over all three segments.


Gargoyles won an Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Makeup in 1973. (Tomorrow Entertainment)

Are you familiar with Gargoyles? No, we’re not talking about the animated series from the ’90s. We’re talking about the 1972 TV movie. Starring the Oscar-nominated Cornel Wilde and American Horror Story producer Jennifer Salt, this Emmy-winning feature was about an archeologist and his daughter stumbling upon a colony of — you guessed it — gargoyles.

The Funhouse

The Funhouse writer Larry Block also wrote the 1990 Captain America film. (Universal Pictures)

Last but not least, let’s travel all the way to … 1981. Tobe Hooper will be remembered more for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Poltergeist, but between those two classics, he helmed The Funhouse. It was about four teens who must escape the clutches of a deformed man in a carnival funhouse. The other two movies are a little harder to find, but this one is available through most rental sites.

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