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Stars Dress Up Their Dogs for Halloween — and It's Adorable!

Yahoo Celebrity Staff
Yahoo Celebrity

Halloween isn’t just for humans anymore. Nowadays, celebs including Madonna and Chelsea Handler are dressing up their furry friends for the occasion, too!

Jessica Chastain

The actress turned her favorite canine, three-legged dog Chaplin, into a superhero: “Halloween game faces.” (Photo: Instagram)


The Queen of Pop transformed her pooch into a Minion for the spookiest day of the year. She captioned it, “Happy Halloween from Gypsy,” but we’re not so sure that’s what Gypsy was thinking! (Photo: Instagram/Getty Images)

Chelsea Handler

Like his famous owner, Chunk Handler isn’t really into joining establishment things. “Chunk hates Halloween too,” Chelsea wrote. “This is as far as he will go.” Cute enough, right? (Photo: Instagram/Getty Images)

Al Roker

Aw! The Today co-host did a trial run of his pup in costume ahead of Halloween. “My girl, Pepper, previewing her #halloween #costume,” Roker shared. “The only time I will approve of #pumpkin #spice.” (Photo: Instagram/Getty Images)

Salma Hayek

Hayek had a full house, without even going to a Halloween party. The actress outfitted her dogs as a prisoner (as pictured here) and others as a dragon and a pumpkin in a post wishing everyone a happy holiday. (Photo: Instagram/Getty Images)

Heather Locklear

The cutest little pumpkin in this photo is the former Melrose Place star’s tiny pup: “Happy Halloween from this hot dog of mine! #happyhalloween.” (Photo: Instagram/Getty Images)

Tamron Hall

The Today co-host paraded her little cutie around in several costumes, much to the dog’s dismay. “Hmmm safe to say May Luv is not #bananas over this costume. #Halloween. When someone else says you look cute,” Hall wrote beside the emoji that’s laughing so hard it’s crying. (Photo: Instagram/Getty Images)


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