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Sam Smith slammed for 'disrespectful' comment about Michael Jackson

Yahoo Entertainment

The internet is not happy with Sam Smith.

While boating with Adam Lambert, the “Too Good at Goodbyes” singer, 26, was heard on video remarking, “I don’t like Michael Jackson, but this is a good song” while the late pop great’s hit “Human Nature” was heard playing. Lambert quickly deleted the video from his Instagram — but nothing really disappears on the internet, and now Smith is the world wide web’s punching bag.

The reactions haven’t been kind and quickly made their way to the Jackson family themselves. T.J. Jackson, a performer like his uncle and dad Tito Jackson, called Smith’s comment “ignorant, disrespectful and arrogant.” Speaking directly to Smith, he added, that while “everyone has opinions,” Smith shouldn’t “disparage a soul pioneer when they helped paved the way for you and your music.”

The clap back getting the most attention though is from Grammy-winning singer and The Wiz actress Stephanie Mills, who had a brief relationship with Jackson. “@Samsmithworld Don’t come for MICHAEL JACKSON when you wish you have sold as many records and you wish you were the King of Pop like he was,” she wrote on Instagram. “I’m so tired of you people studying our music, and studying our artist and claiming that you don’t like our music. Go sit your 1 HIT WONDER ass down and learn how to finish a tour. When you can sell as many records as the king of Pop, Michael Jackson then maybe you can say something. So I say to you Mr. Smith have several seats and come for me if you want to.”


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