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Sacha Baron Cohen convinced a food critic he was eating human meat and he loved it

Yahoo Entertainment

On Who Is America?, Sacha Baron Cohen, as ex-convict Rick Sherman, took a break from humiliating politicians and set his sights on food critic Bill Jilla of DinnerReviews.com. Cohen convinced Jilla that in China, people can donate flesh the same as they would organs. Jilla’s disgust was all over his face when Cohen set down the dish, saying, “This is a filet of vegetarian-fed Chinese dissident and a cauliflower purée.” Despite believing it was human flesh, Jilla took a bite...and loved it.

“Mmm. Butter. It’s like butter-soft,” Jilla said. “Who needs a knife? It’s melting on my palate. I do not even need to chew it.”

Cohen went on to tell Jilla that dissidents in China are kept in very narrow spaces and that they become fatty over the years. Cohen then told Jilla that the young man who he was eating was named Chun Fi Lao, and that Chun Fi’s family would be honored to know that such a respected westerner was enjoying their son, then asked him to record a message for the family. As ridiculous as that sounds, Jilla bit. He looked directly into the camera and said, “To the Lao family, thank you very much. It's truly an honor and pleasure. This is Chun Fi's loin that I'm enjoying very much.”

As if telling a family how delicious their son’s loin is isn’t creepy enough, how about taking another bite while making what would amount to eye contact with the family? After thanking Cohen and repeating that it was melting on his palate, Jilla looked directly into the camera and took another bite.

“How does Chun Fi taste?” Cohen asked. Jilla replied, “Superb.”


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