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Paul McCartney and Jimmy Fallon give unsuspecting fans the surprise of their lives

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Sir Paul McCartney joined The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to surprise unsuspecting fans who thought they were just on a tour of the famed 30 Rockefeller Center. As groups of fans were standing idly in an elevator, the doors opened to find Jimmy and Paul doing various activities. Most of the time, the fans could barely contain themselves (other than one guy whose only reaction was to lift his eyebrows).

For the first couple of groups, Jimmy and Paul sat in chairs holding newspapers in front of their faces and revealed their identities one at at time. Fallon revealed himself first each time to the delight of the fans, then they got an even bigger surprise seeing a Beatle sitting in front of them when Paul lowered his paper. For the next group, when the door opened, Jimmy jumped out from the side and said, “Hi, guys. Wanna see a magic trick?” He then held up a blanket, and when he put it down, there was Paul. In what had to be the most surreal for any of the groups, the elevator door opened to find Jimmy and Paul playing ping pong. This was the group in which the guy barely reacted. Maybe it was just too much of a shock. And with the last group, Jimmy and Paul were the ones taken by surprise. They were still laughing about the last group when another elevator door opened. Camera men were even still standing in front of the door.

Paul has been surprising a lot of fans lately. In June, he joined James Corden in his hometown of Liverpool for Carpool Karaoke on The Late Late Show, during which they surprised a group of bar patrons with a surprise concert.

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