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Kim Kardashian Baffles Fans with Louis Vuitton Snake Photo - Here's What It Could Mean

Kaitlyn Frey

One of Kim Kardashian West‘s latest Instagram posts is leaving her fans perplexed.

The mom-of-three, 37, who wore an uncharacteristically simple and covered up black maxi dress Monday night at the release party for Marina Acton’s new single “Fantasize” after arriving home from her Tokyo sisters vacation, has returned to her label-loving ways. Kardashian West posted a shot of a live snake she called “Little Louis,” a nod to the fact that the reptile’s skin was covered in the classic Louis Vuitton monogram.

Based on the hand of the person holding Little Louis in the photograph, it does not seem like Kardashian West was cradling it, and instead she opted to simply take a shot of him.

Fans instantly reacted with mixed emotions, wondering if Kardashian actually physically altered the reptile’s skin or simply used Photoshop to add the LV pattern onto him.

“Wtf there’s no way that’s natural. I hope it’s like photoshop maybe? ]]>😬😬🐍🐍


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