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Dr. Jane Goodall on how chimpanzees might get passports, why elephants shouldn't be in zoos, and how Bigfoot might be real

Yahoo Entertainment

Dr. Jane Goodall is a Dame of the British Empire, founder of a global institute that bears her name, is a Messenger of Peace for the United Nations, and is one of the most respected and renowned ethologists to have worked in that scientific field. One might think a person of this magnitude might turn her nose up when questioned about something as fanciful as mythological creatures, but as it turns out Dr. Goodall wants to believe just as much as the rest of us slobs.

When the "chimp lady" and subject of the excellent National Geographic documentary Jane came to Yahoo's Los Angeles studios she talked about that mysterious hairy beast, how chimpanzees are on their way to obtaining legal passports, and why elephants should never be in any zoo no matter how good it is.


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