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Birthday boy Leonardo DiCaprio struts his way into 43

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Actor, philanthropist, and former Bop magazine pinup dreamboat Leonardo DiCaprio is celebrating his 43rd birthday on Saturday, Nov. 11. Undoubtedly, he will be doing so surrounded by models and his bro posse, possibly on a yacht‚ but we want to celebrate him for doing one of the things he loves most: happy walking.

Happy walking? you might ask. Well, it’s hard to find a photo of him without some manner of smirk on his face as he traipses the New York landscape, traverses the streets of Paris, and even tromps his way through Toronto. Leo loves walking so much that he famously became a meme, called “Strutting Leo,” thanks to a photo taken of him on the set of Inception.

We don’t think he struts so much as saunters, or jovially jaunts. Join us as we highlight the best examples of Leo’s love for a good stroll.

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Leo walking on the set of Inception

It was 2009 when Leo was snapped sauntering around on set in Paris, arms swinging, head cocked to the side, a smile on his face denoting the pleasure of movement. It was the image that launched a thousand memes — including Leo wandering through Mordor, Leo inspiring an official dance and accompanying rap, and even a blog. Perhaps he was just enjoying the thrill of being on a movie set, or he was musing about how scrambled our minds would be after seeing Inception in theaters. Regardless, Leo is greatly enjoying himself — and we’re greatly enjoying that. (Photo: Splash News)

Leo walking across the stage at the 2017 Oscars

Look at that smirk. That’s the smirk of a man who’s saying to himself, “I’ve got one of my own.” That’s the smirk of a man who has ascended to manifesting his dreams of Oscar gold into reality, and now gets to stride across the stage a year after his win and gift an actress a statue of her own. That’s the smirk of a man who is loving it — all of it. The show, the awards, but most of all, the walk. (Photo: Eddy Chen/ABC via Getty Images)

Leo walking and vaping in the rain

Is it possible that Leo is having a moment of existential exploration here? With the smile more muted and serene, his face turned skyward, undoubtedly getting sprinkled by the rain as he clutches his vape pen in one hand and does his trademark arm swing, he appears to be pondering life’s biggest questions. What does it all mean? Is everything connected? And if so, what’s my part in the bigger picture? Or maybe he’s contemplating which model he plans to hang out with that night. (Photo: Splash News)

Leo walking on air in Toronto

Fred Astaire might have been known for being deft and light on his feet, but Leo is giving him a run for his money. Here, he doesn’t just walk down the street during the 2016 Toronto Film Festival, he floats. His jacket being slightly blown by the wind, his arms slightly uplifted, Leo appears to be taken with the whole experience, judging by the smile on his face, as he basks in the glow of a lighthearted walk in fall on foreign soil. It’s unclear if the wind is a natural phenomenon or self-generated by sheer force of will. (Photo: George Pimentel/WireImage)

Leo walking with a … pacemaker?

It was just this past July that Leo was spotted out and about in Manhattan’s East Village doing what he loves, but eagle-eyed photographers spotted something amiss on the left side of his chest. Could that really be a pacemaker? Could Leo’s love of walking be affecting his health? Granted, he does walk a lot, and trainers say it’s a good idea to have a rest day. Please, Leo — make sure you’re not doing too much. We want to enjoy your walking as much as you do for many years to come. (Photo: Backgrid)

Leo … running?

Wait — is that … what … how can we even? It’s too much. It’s all too much for us to handle. Leo doesn’t just walk, he runs? Mind = blown. (Photo: Mega Agency)

Leo walking with a secret

The place? Manhattan. The time? Nobody knows. But will you look at that cheeky grin? As Leo steps out into the sun for his daily jaunt, that smile says something happened last night … but what? Was the champagne room more fun than usual? Were he and his bros able to procure the finest cigars from an unknown source for an obscene price and then spent all night smoking? Did he swindle Tobey in an epic poker game for an ungodly amount of money? Anything is possible, but clearly Leo is taking a walk of pride. (Photo: Gachie/Splash News)

Leo walking in Manhattan

One of the undoubtable pluses of Manhattan is how infinitely walkable it is, which is one of the reasons Leo loves it so. And when the sun is out, and it’s shorts weather, and you are an award-winning actor — inspiring a fandom so rabid that they’re still debating whether Jack could’ve fit on that door with Rose — well, sometimes you just gotta enjoy the hell out of a good walk. (Photo: Alberto Reyes/Splash News)

Leo walking to good tunes

Together with his bros Tobey Maguire and Richie Akiva, Leo went wandering through Soho for a shopping excursion in 2017 — but if you ask us, he just enjoyed a good song to get his feet moving in the right direction, judging from his cellphone ear buds hanging over his shoulder. What kind of music do you suppose Leo listens to when he goes for a walk? Something indie from a Coachella band, we assume (never forget his enthusiastic dancing, which — for once — outshines his walk). Of course, it’s possible that he might’ve been listening to a good podcast. Or got a call about a bangin’ party happening later that night. Only his smile knows for sure… (Photo: Splash News)


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