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Go behind the scenes of Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights... if you dare!

Shea Lenniger
Yahoo Movies

Come every Halloween, amusement parks across the country revamp their rides to up the fear factor. No place does it better than Universal Studios Hollywood, whose annual Halloween Horror Nights taps into some of the freakiest movies ever made and transforms them into a variety of fright-inducing attractions. This year’s edition, which opens to the public on Friday, draws inspiration from The Shining, Evil Dead, Saw, The Purge, Insidious, and The Walking Dead, as well as additional jump scares courtesy of such iconic movie monsters as Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Leatherface and Chucky. Yahoo Movies got a sneak peek at two of the chilling mazes, based on The Shining and the Insidious series, courtesy of Universal’s creative director, John Murdy, the man who delights in scaring you silly. Click through for a behind-the-scenes tour:

Welcome home

Upon entering the Insidious 4 house, guests are greeted by this eerie duck-faced boy ghost at the top of the stairs. (Photo: Camilo Urdaneta/Yahoo)

Mommy deadest

Mom isn’t looking too good. Fans will be spooked when turning the corner to find that the main character’s mother has been hanged in the basement at the hands of a demonic spirit. (Photo: Camilo Urdaneta/Yahoo)

Demon dolls

Insidious fans will recognize this red room as the demon’s lair from the first movie. The room is covered in frightening dolls and various trinkets matching that of the film’s. (Photo: Camilo Urdaneta/Yahoo)

Haunted (doll)house

Stay alert. You never know what may be lurking among the shadows behind the seemingly innocent dollhouse and rocking horse within Parker’s bedroom. (Photo: Camilo Urdaneta/Yahoo)

This way out

This doesn’t seem too frightening now, but at the end of the Insidious maze, guests will have to survive this final scare. The prison is replicated from the upcoming fourth installment where the demon imprisons his unfortunate victims. Hopefully the guests won’t be added to his list. (Photo: Camilo Urdaneta/Yahoo)

Where’s Johnny?

The Shining maze begins with the iconic Overlook Maze as seen in Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 adaptation of the Stephen King classic. (Photo: Camilo Urdaneta/Yahoo)

Manuscript from hell

When walking through this hallway covered in hundreds of copies of pages from Jack’s typewriter, fans will know that all work and no play really does make Jack a dull boy. And a crazy one as well, so beware. (Photo: Camilo Urdaneta/Yahoo)

Haunted ballroom

This party’s over and has been over for a long time. Guests will find this party scene unsettling and will have them wondering which one of these skeletons really are dead and which one might just jump out at you… (Photo: Camilo Urdaneta/Yahoo)

Overbooked at the Overlook?

You could say this guest isn’t really the “life of the party” in the ballroom scene of The Shining maze. (Photo: Camilo Urdaneta/Yahoo)

Axe marks the spot

John Murdy, the creative director/executive producer for Universal Studios, explains how the iconic “Here’s Johnny!” scene will be brought to life when Horror Nights opens to the public. (Photo: Camilo Urdaneta/Yahoo)


“There ain’t nothing in Room 237.” Spoiler alert, there is. Fans will just have to come see for themselves what will happen to brave guests who enter the hotel room. (Photo: Camilo Urdaneta/Yahoo)


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