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‘Bachelor in Paradise’ villain kicked off the show for starting a fight

Yahoo Entertainment

On Bachelor in Paradise, Leo Dottavio and his long locks got into an actual physical altercation with fan-favorite, “Grocery Store Joe,” otherwise known as Joe Amabile. It should come as no surprise that the fight started over a woman. Leo was angry before Tuesday night’s rose ceremony because Kendall was going to give her rose to Joe instead of him. Kendall, who appears to have a burgeoning romance with Joe, went on a date with Leo, after which Leo immediately kissed another woman. When Kendall found out, Leo got mad at her.

Leo continued to blame Kendall with a toast before the ceremony. “This is a toast to Kendall,” Leo said. We had a great first date, and it was one of the best first dates I’ve ever been on. It was a shame to find out that you were kind of full of s**t.” Joe immediately responded, “Come on, Leo. Leo, let’s take it easy, Leo. You could be a little nicer.” After talking trash about everyone as a whole, Leo said to Kendall, “Good Luck with Grocery Store B**ch over there.”

Everyone was shocked, but not Joe. He calmly replied, “Hey, you wanna say it to my face?” Joe followed Leo as he walked away and repeated his question. Then, face to face with Joe, Leo said it again. As cast and crew rushed to break it up, Leo threw his drink on Joe and an actual fight ensued, though brief and very little actually shown on camera.

Leo was escorted out, and fans and cast alike were glad to see him go.


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