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Celebs share their throwback school pics

Suzy Byrne
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment
Yahoo Celebrity

Reliving the awkward phase glory days! As the remaining schoolkids headed back this week (how cute are J.Lo’s, Jessica Simpson’s, and Jessica Alba’s wee ones?!), we’ve seen our fair share of first-day photos. Now it seems older stars want in on the action by posting throwbacks of their school days. See John Mayer looking like a little businessman, Dax Shepard rocking some OP, and more gems.

John Mayer

The singer may have wanted to run through the halls of his Connecticut high school and scream at the top of his lungs, but he was quite the conservative little guy here, wearing his dress shirt and tie, in his early school days. “#tbt this guy,” Mayer captioned this shot. Fun fact: We want to pinch this guy‘s cheeks. (Photo: John Mayer via Instagram)

Dax Shepard

Don’t you love when your significant other tries to turn your cheeks red? Well, imagine it on a much larger scale. Kristen Bell shared this shot of her hubby, Dax, who grew up in Michigan, with her 3.8 million Instgram followers, but she had the best of intentions. “#tbt to the cutest kid in class. @daxshepard,” she wrote. And cute he was. (Photo: Kristen Bell via Instagram)

Jennifer Love Hewitt

The actress recently joined Instagram — and her game is already strong, as this photo shows. “#tbt school pic from first grade,” JLH, who grew up in Texas, captioned it. “Gotta love a little kid school smile. I never grew out of mine.” And that smile helped make her a star! (Photo: Jennifer Love Hewitt via Instagram)

LeAnn Rimes

“Since we’re all in the ‘back to school’ mood …” the singer wrote. Well, this pic of her — in that sweater and with those bowl-cut bangs — helps put us even more in the mood. (Photo: LeAnn Rimes via Instagram)

Billy Ray Cyrus

Miley Cyrus was kind enough to share this pic of her dear old dad as a birthday tribute. “Happy Birthday to the man with the best hair on the planet , my DAD !!!!!” she wrote. It’s pretty delightful, isn’t it? (Photo: Miley Cyrus via Instagram)

Mandy Moore

The This Is Us actress, who grew up in Florida, showed off her best “fake smile” in her seventh-grade photo. We get it. #BeenThere. (Photo: Mandy Moore via Instagram)

Sharon Stone

The actress is one of the most famous blondes from the big screen, but back in 1972, she was a brunette, with a Dorothy Hamill-like ‘do, at Saegertown High School in Pennsylvania. (Photo: Sharon Stone via Instagram)

Jesse Williams

The Grey’s Anatomy star, who went to high school in Rhode Island, remembered a lot about his school-picture outfit. “I wore my beloved reversible @ChicagoBulls jersey every damn day —
Monday: white side. Tuesday: red side. Wednesday: white side. Thursday: red side. Friday: dealer’s choice! Actin’ like I had more than one piece of name-brand gear. #IDidNot #BrokeSwag #NoNameOnTheBackMcPovertyFlow.” (Photo: Jesse Williams via Instagram)


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