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Celebrity kids go back to school: 2017 edition

Suzy Byrne
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment
Yahoo Celebrity

While school supplies have largely changed (buh-bye, notebooks, and hello, computers), the tradition of first-day photos continues. From big kids like Malia Obama and Brooklyn Beckham to little ones, check out these photos of star kids heading back to school.

Prince George

The young royal strolled into his first day of school with his dad, Prince William, by his side on Sept. 7. (His mum, Kate Middleton, whose third pregnancy was announced earlier this week, has been home with acute morning sickness.) The 4-year-old, who will be known as George Cambridge by classmates, was greeted by the headmistress as he arrived in his summer school uniform. (Prince William was on backpack duty.) While this is George’s first day of real school, he previously attended a Montessori pre-school. (Photo: RICHARD POHLE/AFP/Getty Images)

Emme and Max Muñiz

Jennifer Lopez declared herself “so proud of my babies,” her twins with ex-hubby Marc Anthony. However, she’s well aware that the fourth-graders are “not babies anymore.” (Photos: Jennifer Lopez via Instagram/Getty Images)

Honor and Haven Warren

Jessica Alba has a baby on the way, but her daughters are getting into big-girl territory. “Such a trip — I have a 1st and 4th grader!!!!” she wrote. “Time seriously flies.” (Photos: Cash Warren via Instagram/Getty Images)

Maxwell Johnson

Look out, world! Jessica Simpson shared a photo of her older child, daughter Maxwell, on her first day of K. “KINDERGARTEN,” Jess wrote. (Photos: Jessica Simpson via Instagram/Getty Images)

Tabitha, Loretta, and James Wilkie Broderick

It’s a year of several different schools for Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick’s brood. The Divorce star shared that her twins, Tabitha and Loretta, are in different schools this year. (Tabitha is “an official third grader”; she didn’t specify whether or not Loretta is as well.) As for James Wilkie, the cool kid is now in high school. (Photos: Sarah Jessica Parker via Instagram/Getty Images)

Vivienne O’Donnell

Raising kids isn’t easy, as Rosie O’Donnell knows, but the milestones are special. Here’s her daughter with Kelli Carpenter heading off to high school. “Again,” is the caption Ro used. (Photos: Rosie O’Donnell via Instagram/Getty Images)

Malia Obama

After taking a gap year to intern (and have some fun), Malia Obama started her freshman year at Harvard. Her famous parents, Barack and Michelle Obama (both alums), took a break from their Martha’s Vineyard vacation to move her into her dorm on Aug. 22. We’re sure that there was no shortage of people — including the Secret Service — to help her carry in her boxes. (Photos: Twitter/Getty Images Images)

Brooklyn Beckham

The eldest of David and Victoria Beckham’s brood is also out on his own. Brooklyn is a freshman at Parsons School of Design in NYC (perhaps the only frosh with his own book?), and his dad helped send him off. “Exciting times and hard work coming for this little man,” the retired soccer star wrote. Mama Victoria was more emotional about the milestone. (Photo: David Beckham via Instagram)

Joaquin Consuelos

“How is the newborn baby a freshman in high school???? HOW???” wrote stunned mama Kelly Ripa. (Photos: Kelly Ripa via Instagram/Getty Images)

Maddie Aldridge

After a traumatic start to the year, Jamie Lynn Spears’s only daughter, Maddie, is happily cruising into fourth grade. Here she is posing with her pet pooches as mom marvels, “And just like that… 4th grade.”(Photos: Jamie Lynn Spears via Instagram/AP Images)

Charlotte and Rocky Prinze

“And just like that… one is back in school!!” Sarah Michelle Gellar wrote about her second-grader, Charlotte. She added, “Second one wishes he was.” LOL. (Photos: Sarah Michelle Gellar via Instagram/Getty Images)

Charlie and Dolly O’Connell

The fashionable twin daughters of Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell are officially third-graders. “Big girls!” mom marveled. (Photos: Rebecca Romijn via Instagram/AP Images)

Naleigh and Adalaide Kelley

Katherine Heigl got teary as her younger daughter, Adalaide, headed off to school for the first time. “She’s not a baby anymore,” wrote mom. As for Naleigh, “It’s this gorgeous girl’s first day of 3rd Grade… Time flies people, that’s for damn sure.” (Photos: Katherine Heigl via Instagram/Getty Images)

Billie and Georgia Dane

Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart’s daughters looked ready for kindergarten and second grade. We love mom’s homemade signs! (Photos: Rebecca Gayheart via Instagram/Getty Images)

Max and Blakesley Sutter

“And just like that, summer ends and school begins. What?!!” wrote the Bachelorette star, who endured a difficult health scare this summer. “It doesn’t seem possible for my babies to be in 3rd and 4th grade or for our epic summer to come to an official close, but with each year comes new memories, new hopes and new dreams and I can’t wait to see what’s in store!” (Photos: Trista Sutter via Instagram/Getty Images)

Jade Thompson

Mother (Giada De Laurentiis) and daughter both rocked backpacks for the latter’s first day of fourth grade. “We are ready,” the celeb chef reported. (Photo: Giada DeLaurentiis via Instagram)

Birdie and Cricket Silverstein

Busy Philipps is also stunned by how quickly kids seem to grow up. “First day of her last year of preschool. Makes no sense. None,” she captioned this photo of Cricket. As for Birdie, she posed with her BFF “since birth” during their first week of third grade. (Photos: Busy Philipps via Instagram/Getty Images)

Annalise Bishop

“Hair did! First day of school!” reported proud papa Jamie Foxx (real name: Eric Bishop) during his “#daddydaughtertime.” Those locks are looking good. (Photos: Jamie Foxx via Instagram/AP Images)

Milo Bugliari

“Ready for a great day!” Alyssa Milano wrote. “Milo is headed off to his first day of kindergarten.” And, may we add, with the coolest hairstyle around. (Photos: Alyssa Milano via Instagram/Getty Images)

Jake Cibrian

Dad-of-two Eddie Cibrian was proud to see his younger, lookalike son (with ex Brandi Glanville) head off for “his last year of elementary school!!” (Photos: Eddie Cibrian via Instagram/Getty Images)

Eloise Richards

Denise Richards is a veteran of back to school — she has three girls. This year is extra special though because it’s “my baby’s first day of kindergarten!!!” Here’s little Eloise looking ready to take on the world. (Photos: Denise Richards via Instagram/Getty Images)

Alice Oswalt

Patton Oswalt’s daughter, Alice, marked her first day of second grade — and received extra support from her soon-to-be stepmother, Meredith Salenger. Patton’s fiancée posted this pic of Alice in her unicorn shoes and wrote, “My muppet’s first day of 2nd grade!!! Emotional for me!!! And so awesome for her!” (Photos: Meredith Salenger via Instagram/Getty Images)

Fiona and Lola Facinelli

“I can’t not share this with you,” wrote Jennie Garth about her daughters with ex-hubby Peter Facinelli. “9th and 5th graders. Ready to go! #timeflys #proud #family.” (Photos: Jennie Garth via Instagram/Getty Images)

Mason and Braydon Wilkerson

“And they are off…. one in each school this year,” wrote Melissa Joan Hart of her boys, including middle-schooler Mason, elementary school kid Braydon, and preschooler Tucker (not pictured). “Everyone is on their own this year which is character building but gonna be tough for all of us.” (Photos: Melissa Joan Hart via Instagram/Getty Images)

Julian Form

Jordana Brewster declared her older son “ready ready” — and he looked it with his pack on and new kicks. (Photos: Jordana Brewster via Instagram/Getty Images)

Hank Baskett Jr.

This was captured by Kendra Wilkinson on the “2nd day of 2nd grade,” according to the reality star. “GO HANK GO!” Smurfs lover Alijah has a few years before her first-day pic — she’s only 3. (Photos: Kendra via Instagram/Getty Images)

Marcelo Monteverde

Mom-of-three Ali Landry shared a photo of her middle child’s “1st day of school” as a kindergartener. For the record, “Yes, I totally cried!!!!!” she noted. (Photos: Ali Landry via Instagram/AP Images)

Beatrix Coyle and Zoie Herpin

These gals belong to Fuller House actress Jodie Sweetin (if you couldn’t tell by their smiles). Mama described them as “awesome little ladies,” though she noted she couldn’t believe that “they’re in 4th and 2nd grade!! How did that happen?!” (Photos: Jodie Sweetin via Instagram/AP Images)

Tripp Johnston

“First day of 2nd compared to first day of 3rd!! This is going by tooooo fast,” wrote Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol. The old photo also included her little brother, Trig. (Photos: Bristol Meyer via Instagram)

Harper Smith

“First day of 2nd grade!” wrote Tiffani Thiessen. “Harper, you are kind, sweet, caring, smart, silly and fun and you make your daddy and I so proud. #firstdayofschool #2ndgrade #gogetemtiger.” (Photos: Tiffani Thiessen via Instagram/Getty Images)

Evan Asher

Jenny McCarthy has a high schooler. “First day of High school drop off,” she wrote. “So proud. #GoEvan.” We bet she’s proud. She’s been sharing his journey with autism since he was first diagnosed. (Photos: Jenny McCarthy via Twitter/Getty Images)

Kase Murray

“Kase’s official first day of Kindergarten,” wrote Ty Murray, who’s raising his son with ex-wife Jewel. “He picked out his wardrobe.” The woman pictured is Ty’s fiancée, Paige Duke. (Photos: Ty Murray via Twitter/Getty Images)

Kiyan Anthony

“Kiyan is officially a 5th grader‼️” wrote LaLa Anthony, pictured with her estranged hubby Carmelo, with a shocked face emoji. “Thank you GOD for choosing us to be his parents.” (Photos: LaLa Anthony via Instagram/Getty Images)

Jacob Tremblay

The Room actor had his pack on and was ready to go. (Photo: Jacob Tremblay via Instagram)

Mabel Willis

“And in a blink of an eye, she’s off to kindergarten,” wrote Bruce Willis’s wife Emma along with the hashtags “#firstdayofschool” and “#mybaby.” (Photos: Emma Hemming Willis via Instagram/Getty Images)

Zachary and Elijah Furnish-John

“And away they go……” wrote Elton John of his sons with David Furnish. (Photos: Elton John via Instagram/Getty Images)

Griffin, Rhys, and Kira McIntyre

“#firstdayofschool – my babies all growing up,” wrote New Kids on the Block’s Joey McIntyre. “#slowdown!!!” (Photos: Joey McIntyre via Instagram/Getty Images)

Shaya Charvet

“Bye-bye summer! 1st day of school,” wrote Brooke Burke-Charvet. “On my way 2 pick up my babies. so excited! not sure sure who had a harder time separating today me or them.” (Photo: Brooke Burke-Charvet via Instagram)


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