• Tiger Woods, Lindsey Vonn Double Date With His Ex-Wife Elin Nordegren, Boyfriend Chris Cline

    Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn go on double dates with the golf pro's ex-wife Elin Nordegren and her billionaire boyfriend Chris Cline, a source tells Us Weekly -- get the details

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    • Wrigley Field's 100th birthday cake thrown away uneaten, Cubs disappointed

      "Cake Boss" baker Buddy Valastro made the 400-pound cake, but nobody got to enjoy it.

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      • Huge Luggage Sale - Up To 75% Off!

        Shop the ultimate selection in luggage at eBags from the industry's top brands including Samsonite & Tumi + Free Shipping & Free Returns.

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        • Human Barbie shares workout video, scary skinny pics

          The surgically enhanced life-life Barbie posted a new video early Thursday, which shows her workout routine and features scenes of her frolicking on the beach in barely there ensembles.

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          • How to Drink All Night Without Getting Drunk

            As the co-founder and chairman of the Boston Beer Company, he has appeared in countless Sam Adams commercials over thirty years. And, while this always-smiling man is a regular guy like you and me while walking the street, the second he enters a bar Jim Koch becomes a celebrity. One apologized for…

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            • Google Chromecast Gets 100-Plus Web-Video Channels, with On-Screen Guide

              Users of Google’s $35 Chromecast TV adapter now have access to more than 100 channels of free web video — including shows from ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, Comedy Central and Hulu — on their HDTVs, along with a guide-like interface to navigate them through MediaMall Technologies’ PlayOn. The PlayOn media…

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                4 Things Moms Should Never Wear (and Easy Alternatives) (8 photos)

                A lot of things happen once you've become a mother. Some changes are great, like the amount of love you feel for your little one, and some things are not as great, like your fashion choices. You can blame it on lack of sleep, the rearranging of priorities, or your changing body, but it's hard to…

                • Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova Shares Video of Herself at Beach: See Her Tiny Waist!

                  Valeria Lukyanova or the "Human Barbie" shared a video of herself exercising, at the beach, and taking selfies -- see her in action!

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                  • Putin calls Internet 'CIA project'

                    Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday called the Internet a "CIA project" and warned Russians against making Google searches. You know all of this started during the dawn of the Internet as a special project of the CIA. And it keeps on developing," Putin said in televised comments. He also…

                    • Take Your Entertainment With You

                      XFINITY lets you watch on the go with a new Verizon Wireless smartphone or tablet. Plus a prepaid card.

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                      • Driver allegedly tells boy suffering from seizure to get off school bus

                        A Broward County, Florida school bus driver is under investigation after allegations that he failed to help a student experiencing a life-threatening medical emergency.

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                        • Rebellious Nevada rancher's slavery remarks dim Republican support

                          Two Republican U.S. senators who voiced support for a Nevada cattleman in his showdown with federal agents over grazing rights on public land condemned the rebellious rancher's remarks about whether African-Americans would be "better off as slaves." A day after Cliven Bundy's comments about "the…

                          • 21 Pit Bulls Rescued from N.J. Dog-Fighting Ring

                            Animal rescuers spent the weekend finding shelter and medical care for nearly two dozen pit bulls retrieved Friday from a dog-fighting ring unexpectedly discovered during a drug bust at a New Jersey home.

                            • Teen Disciplined For Carrying Purse Filled With Feminine Products

                              An Illinois mother is outraged after her 17-year-old daughter was punished at school for carrying feminine products in her purse, despite a school-wide purse ban, according to a story published Wednesday by local news affiliate WQAD8.

                              • 15 Signs He's a Keeper

                                You once joked about how you can (and sometimes do) eat peanut butter out of the jar. So when the dessert menu comes, he zeroes in on the peanut butter sundae because he knows you'll like it.

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                                  Elephants drunk on native fruit at South Africa's Singita Sabi Sand (9 photos)

                                  The abundance of the Marula fruit around Singita Sabi Sand, South Africa, this winter proved to be a great excuse for some elephants to party. Like apples on the ground, Marula fruit ferment after they fall off a tree. An African legend describes the results, and these photos provide the evidence,…

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                                  • Brand New Muscle Builder Takes GNC by Storm

                                    Discover a safe, natural muscle builder that is helping men of all ages get back in shape fast. Try this brand new supplement and build muscle.

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                                    • The 50 Greatest Actors Alive: Complete List (So Far)

                                      For 50 straight weeks, Yahoo Movies is counting down Hollywood's very best working actors and actresses. Come back to Yahoo Movies every Thursday to see who makes the cut.

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                                      • 'Hidden Dragon' Beast Gave Rise to Fearsome Flying Reptiles

                                        "This guy is the very first pterodactyloid — he has the last features that changed before the group radiated and took over the world," said paleontologist Brian Andres of the University of South Florida, a co-author of the study detailed today (April 24) in the journal Current Biology. (Researchers…

                                        • Former Heavyweight Champion Andrei Arlovski Returns to the UFC

                                          After six years fighting outside of the organization, former heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski returns to the UFC. UFC president Dana White tweeted the news on Thursday and a UFC official later confirmed the news with MMAWeekly.com. Arlovski (21-10, 1 NC) captured the interim UFC heavyweight…

                                          MMA Weekly
                                          • Amazon’s latest announcement will change our lives more than you know

                                            I know, I know. You already know the answer. But my reaction to Amazon’s Prime Pantry introduction — which allows its Prime members to have up to 45 pounds of home goods shipped directly to their doorstep within four days for a $6 fee — has more to do with the industry at large. As someone who…

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                                            • Putin Exposes CIA Cat Listicle Plot

                                              But why did Vlad have to go and spill the beans?

                                              The Daily Beast
                                              • Musk’s Tesla Income Plummets 99.9% to Less Than $70,000

                                                Elon Musk, Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA) ’s chief executive and one of the wealthiest U.S. entrepreneurs, saw his take-home pay from the automaker plunge by more than 99.9 percent last year after a surge in his 2012 stock options. Compensation for the leader of the youngest publicly held U.S. automaker…

                                                • Rotary Laser level

                                                  We carry Pro Shot, Northwest, AGL, and CST Berger rotary lasers. These instruments make you a one man leveling crew.

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