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    Fauci: Italy ‘Hit Very Badly’ By Coronavirus Due to Prevalence of Chinese Tourists

    Dr. Anthony Fauci, chief medical advisor to the Trump administration's coronavirus task force, said Thursday that Italy has been impacted particularly badly by the coronavirus pandemic because the country hosted a high number of Chinese tourists in recent months."When you look at the different patterns of what happened in different countries, China versus South Korea versus what we're seeing in northern Italy, it really gives you some interesting insight into certain things, not only in the explosive nature in certain places versus others, but as you get to your peak, how do you know when you're turning the corner," Fauci said on CNN.“It’s when the new infections each day start to level off to be the same and then start going down, then you see the curve go down,” Fauci said, adding that Italy is "not there yet."Italy has reported declining numbers of new infections but still added more than 3,400 new cases on Tuesday. More than 57,500 people are currently infected with the coronavirus in Italy, and the country's death toll passed 7,500 on Wednesday."Italy got hit very badly because they had a large number of importations from China by Chinese tourists," Fauci said."Before they even knew what was going on, there was enough baseline people spreading that it essentially got out of hand, and it became difficult for them, as good as they are, and they're very good, to be able to contain it in a way that is contact-tracing. It was more mitigation," the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases continued.Fauci also noted that the outbreak of the virus in Washington state differs from the outbreak in New York City, which is "getting hit terribly hard.""We're a big country, and there are different patterns," he explained.Washington state's outbreak involved the coronavirus spreading in several elder care homes, while New York City is a travel hub that experiences an "influx of travelers," Fauci said.New York City reported 100 new deaths from the coronavirus on Thursday, bringing the death toll to 385 as the number of infections topped 37,200.

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    ‘God help us all! The end is near!’ Mike Huckabee reacts to a coronavirus ‘code red’ from Waffle House

    The Waffle House restaurant chain, which has often been used as a proxy to judge the severity of natural disasters, just issued a “code red,” and that's a big deal to its devoted fan base. As you can see, the Georgia-based company, long known for keeping its doors open through hurricanes and tornadoes, has closed hundreds of restaurants amid the coronavirus pandemic. The Waffle House's history of serving its communities amid crises led former FEMA boss Craig Fugate to create the “Waffle House Index.

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    How coronavirus is changing the market for illegal drugs

    Prices are surging amid shortages and panic-buying – and we could soon be facing a public health disaster.

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    The Friendliest Cities in the World: 2019 Readers' Choice Awards 

    Proving once again we have the world's best traveled readers.Originally Appeared on Condé Nast Traveler

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    New Yahoo News/YouGov coronavirus poll: 59 percent of Americans say Trump's Easter timeline is 'too soon' to restart economy

    A large majority of Americans disagree with President Trump that the nation’s battle against the coronavirus is winding down and that normal economic activity should resume sooner rather than later, according to a new Yahoo News/YouGov poll.

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    Coronavirus: Why Germany’s death toll is so low

    Germany's coronavirus fatality rate is dramatically lower than Italy and Spain.

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    The college student who licked an airplane toilet said she'd 'pull up' and cough on Dr. Phil, who called her 'spoiled and entitled'

    Ava Louise, who said she'd "rather die hot than live ugly" and who posted a TikTok of herself licking an airplane toilet, also criticized boomers.