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    Treasure-hunter finds 3,000-year-old hoard in Scotland

    An amateur treasure-hunter has uncovered one of the most significant Bronze Age hoards ever found in Scotland, including jewelry and a 3,000-year-old sword, authorities said Monday. Stepien and his friends contacted the Scottish government’s Treasure Trove unit and camped in the field for 22 days as archaeologists uncovered the assemblage of artifacts. Emily Freeman, head of the Treasure Trove Unit, said it was a ”nationally significant find.”

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    The Wrap

    LA Times Chewed Out for ‘Blatantly Sexist’ Headline Comparing Biden Veep Pick to ‘The Bachelor’

    The Los Angeles Times came under fire Saturday for a headline some readers decried as “blatantly sexist” on a story about Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden narrowing his choice for a female running mate.The headline — which read, “It’s ‘The Bachelor: Campaign Trail.’ Which of Biden’s veep candidates deserves the rose?” — was ultimately replaced.“Really, @latimes? Do better,” attorney and MSNBC political analyst Maya Harris, tweeted.Fellow political analyst Bill Palmer of The Palmer Report concurred, writing, “Blatantly sexist. Totally shameful.”The L.A. Times got the message loud and clear and made the correction. It now reads, “Column: Biden’s VP search isn’t exactly ‘The Bachelor’ — but it’s generating some strange optics.”Also Read: Biden to Accept Democratic Presidential Nomination From Home“Thank you to everyone who shared feedback on the original headline of this piece. We understand why it missed the mark, why it was sexist and how it misrepresented the message of the op-ed. It has been changed, and we thank you for pushing us to do so,” the paper tweeted.The Times’ Editorial Page editor, Sewell Chan, followed up with a note to Harris, saying, “Maya, we’ve changed the headline online. The column by @page88 is thoughtful, but the original head was too glib. Thanks for giving us a chance to do better.”The headline was indeed changed, but the contents of the story didn’t get the same attention. Written as an opinion piece by Virginia Heffernan, the article goes on to say, “I’m not saying it’s exactly ‘The Bachelor: Campaign Trail,’ but it’s a little weird to watch an old man set out to choose a younger woman to take to the ultimate fantasy suite, the White House… If she’ll have him. Because the candidates for Biden’s final rose seem to have the upper hand here.”Also Read: Biden Dismisses Taking Cognitive Test, Asks Reporter If He's Taken Drug Test (Video)For many, the deeper meaning behind their criticism was still lost.“Reducing female political figures –many (all?) of whom have advanced degrees, all of whom have dedicated their lives to public service–to what is essentially a beauty contest is beyond offensive,” wrote one Twitter user. Another wrote, “Seriously. In addition to being absurdly sexist, equating the presidency with a reality TV show (in any harebrained capacity) is part of what got us into this mess.”You can read the full L.A. Times story by clicking here.Read original story LA Times Chewed Out for ‘Blatantly Sexist’ Headline Comparing Biden Veep Pick to ‘The Bachelor’ At TheWrap

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  • Lifestyle

    Girl Dad Objects to Teenage Daughter's Tampon Use for the Worst Reason

    It's got to be about as fun for a dad to talk to his child about their period as it is for a child to talk to their dad about menstruating — not at all. But that's mostly because we're dealing with a long history of ignorance and stigma. One Reddit dad's post revealing his […]

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  • Celebrity
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    Kate Beckinsale Unconventionally Matches Her Bikini To 5-Inch Gold Platform Sandals

    Her heels weren't your typical poolside shoe.

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  • Politics
    NBC News

    Trump's own campaign ads erase the virus — and the candidate

    First Read is your briefing from "Meet the Press" and the NBC Political Unit on the day's most important political stories and why they matter.

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  • Business
    Women's Health

    Kaitlyn Bristowe Just Shared Her Body Transformation While Prepping For 'DWTS'

    "My body at 35 feels strong and ready to dance."

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  • U.S.
    Miami Herald

    Small plane plummets and sinks into New Hampshire lake as boaters watch

    An off-duty cop was among those who rushed into help.

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