• Texas state troopers are getting immigrants deported for having tinted windows and other minor traffic stops

    Texas state troopers routinely handover undocumented immigrants to Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents after being stopped for having tinted windows, improperly placed license plates, and other minor traffic offenses, according to a new report by Debbie Nathan for The Intercept. The Texas Highway Patrol, which operates underneath the Department of Public Safety, does not maintain a total number of immigrants handed over to Border Patrol or ICE, according to Nathan. However, in collaboration with the American Civil Liberties Union of Texas, Nathan was able to obtain dash cam videos that show immigrants being detained for minor traffic violations only to be handed over

  • A fake engineer got busted waiting for a wax. She was just arrested again, cops say.

    A woman who state police say used her fake engineering firm to try to trick a South Florida city into giving her a $33.3 million construction contract was arrested Friday and booked into Miami-Dade County jail, records show. But it’s not her first time behind bars in this case. She was arrested earlier this year while waiting at a wax salon. Janet LeGrand bonded out of jail in July, facing a charge of organized scheme to defraud. On Friday, state insurance investigators accused her of the same crime and added a charge of failing to provide worker compensation coverage as required by law, an arrest warrant shows. LeGrand’s recent arrest comes months after Homestead police say she duped dozens

  • Ask Amy: My wife said this appalling thing to the bride right before the vows

    DEAR AMY: My wife is a very opinionated person. She has no social filters. On her son’s (my stepson’s) wedding day, she began drinking, etc., in midmorning, along with some of the others in the bridal party. Without going into explicit detail, I learned after the fact that my wife took the bride aside just before she was due to walk down the aisle, and said she didn’t believe that the bride really loved her son but was only marrying him for his money. In the days following the wedding my wife confirmed those feelings to me, yet, now (weeks later) she denies ever saying those words to the bride. Apparently, though, at least one other person overheard and confirmed what was said, and shared this

  • The Mountain from 'Game of Thrones' has Hot Canadian Girlfriend Half His Size

    The real-life giant who plays The Mountain on "Game of Thrones" has something new to brag about ... his girlfriend's a smoke show, and a relatively tiny one at that. Hafthor Julius Bjornsson is dating Kelsey Henson from Canada. We're told the 6'9" actor hit it off with Kelsey -- who's 5'2" --  in September when she asked for a pic with him at Earls Kitchen + Bar in Alberta. She was working there, and Thor was in town for a Strongman competition. He's a 7-time Strongest Man in his native Iceland, btw. Since then, the couple's been traveling all over together ... visiting Spain, Cyprus and his homeland. We're told they're doing the long distance thing for now, but she plans to visit him again in

  • Boats full of dead people from North Korea keep showing up in Japan - here's why

    Dozens of ships containing dead bodies have washed up in Japan recently. All the evidence indicates that the "ghost ships" are coming from North Korea. It isn't a new phenomenon, but is happening more and more often. One expert told BI it could be because of food scarcity in North Korea. Dozens of dead bodies have mysteriously washed up on Japan's shores over the past few weeks - and all the evidence points to North Korea. At least 40 corpses from around 15 boats have washed up along Japan's west coast since November, according to figures from Japanese authorities and calculated by Business Insider. The most recent discovery was made on Thursday, when authorities found two skeletons near an upturned

  • Cory Booker Calls On Donald Trump To Resign Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations

    Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) is calling on President Donald Trump to resign over the more than a dozen sexual misconduct allegations against him.

  • 5 Denim Trends To Try Now

    If you’re like us, you could probably find a way to wear jeans every day: dressed down with a cool pair of sneakers or jazzed up with some festive party-ready heels. That said, we’re always looking for new ways to experiment with denim styles and are fully game to try all the new trends (especially if it means giving us another excuse to live in one of our wardrobe staples). We’ve tracked down five styles that will put a spin on your traditional denim game, from Kira Kira-worthy embellishments to figure-flattering side stripes. Scroll through to find the trendy details to try now.