• Chris Pratt Is in Hot Water for This Controversial T-Shirt & the Internet Has Thoughts

    In a surprising about-face from his normally positive public reception, there seems to be mounting criticism over Chris Pratt’s controversial American flag shirt. The Jurassic World star was spotted out-and-about earlier this week with new wife Katherine Schwarzenegger wearing an at-first-glance patriotic tee. But, superimposed on the shirt’s stars and stripes is a rattlesnake with the […]

  • Tucker Guest: ‘People of Color’ Label Is Racist Because It Gives ‘Virtue’ to Dark Skin

    Moments after the crowd at President Trump’s Wednesday night rally chanted “Send Her Back!” at Somalia-born Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), a guest on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight argued that the term “people of color” should be done away with because it gives people with dark skin “special virtue.”While airing the president’s rally in the background, host Tucker Carlson invited conservative art critic and commentator Roger Kimball on to help decide whether or not America is a racist country.“Is America more racist than it was five years ago? Ten years ago?” Carlson asked.“Clearly not,” Kimball replied, adding that both the country as a whole and college campuses are “less racist” than they ever have been. He then pivoted to taking aim at the four Democratic congresswomen of color that have recently been the target of racist attacks by Trump, calling them the “Juvenile Squad.”Claiming that the young lawmakers-Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Ayanna Pressley-aren’t really legislators but instead “burnishing their own celebrity,” Kimball then issued a request.“I wish they would give the phrase ‘people of color’ a rest,” he declared. “We need to retire that phrase because it is a racist phrase.”“What does that mean?” Carlson asked.“You are a nice color, Tucker,” Kimball said. “I think of myself as being sort of a pleasing pink. But everyone has a color.”“It is a racist term because the idea is that somehow you are trapped by your skin color,” he continued. “That having dark skin imbues you with a special virtue, and having white skin imbues you with a special evil, or a liability, and that is a racist idea.”Kimball went on to call for the media to stand up against the use of the term because, in his view, it is being “used as a bludgeon to criminalize policy differences and criminalize differences of opinion.”Carlson, meanwhile, lamented that many people allow the use of the label to go unchallenged because they “are remarkably passive in the face of hyperaggressive racists like Ilhan Omar.”The Fox News host has been hyper-focused on Omar of late, devoting large chunks of his program to extremely negative coverage of the Muslim congresswoman. Earlier this month, the anti-immigrant host accused Omar-a U.S. citizen who immigrated from Somalia-of despising America and described her as a “living fire alarm” for the country's immigration laws.Following widespread outrage over his remarks, Carlson doubled down the following night, devoting the first 20 minutes of his show to blasting Omar and inviting a guest on who said the Minnesota lawmaker “would be a member of the KKK” if she weren’t in Congress.Read more at The Daily Beast.Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now!Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside goes deeper on the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

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    Given the opportunity to gripe about big contracts, some general managers jumped at the chance.

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  • "Those Images Haunt Me": Bianca Devins' Stepmom Urges People To Stop Sharing Photos Of The Teen's Murder

    Bianca Devins’ stepmother Kaleigh Nicole Rimmer urged people to stop sharing gruesome photos of her stepdaughter’s dead body on social media in an impassioned Facebook post. Bianca, a 17-year-old artist and aspiring psychology student from Utica, NY, was brutally murdered early Sunday morning, and her alleged killer, 21-year-old Brandon Andrew Clark, uploaded the photos to social media before they spread like wildfire. Clark, who police say Bianca had been dating for about two months, has been charged with second-degree murder.“It is absolutely disgusting that people are sharing, [screenshotting] the pictures of Bianca’s [tragic] death,” Rimmer wrote. “When I close my eyes, those images haunt me.”According to Utica police, Clark allegedly stabbed Bianca in the neck over an argument that started at a concert in New York City they had attended Saturday night and escalated on their drive back upstate. Oneida County District Attorney Scott McNamara said he believes Clark may have been jealous that Bianca kissed somebody else at the concert. Clark uploaded graphic images of the murder to Instagram, 4chan, and gaming chat platform Discord, and users quickly reported the crime to police. But - in a grim reflection on our culture - some users immediately began sharing the photos in an effort to gain followers and social media clout, as well as making misogynistic memes celebrating the death of Bianca, who was somewhat of a social media personality. Social media platforms were criticized for not taking down the images fast enough.From Bianca Devins' Instagram accountPhoto: Via @beegtfo.“Instead of repeatedly sharing and saving these sick pictures, you report them so they can be taken down. And instead you post about what a beautiful young woman she was,” Rimmer pleaded, asking people to show more consideration toward Bianca and her family. “Imagine sitting there in disbelief and praying to God that this is all some mistake and that your baby will walk through the door any minute. Now imagine seeing those pictures and having everything in you break.”Bianca's friends, family, and fans are trying to drown out the gory images by posting photos that celebrate the teen's life. According to Bianca's obituary, she was an aspiring model and talented artist, who enjoyed playing the ukulele and loved animals. They have been tagging her in positive and lighthearted photos of pink clouds, Hello Kitty, and platitudes like "think happy thoughts" with hashtags such as RIPBianca. Rimmer changed her Facebook profile picture to "PinkForBianca " typed on a candy-pink background.Rimmer shared that Bianca had been struggling with mental illness. “She had been through hell and back conquering her own mental illness and she won. She was getting better. Fighting [every day]. She was happy,” Rimmer wrote. “Even in her deepest, darkest, lowest points, she somehow managed to help so many people who were battling their own demons.” According to the obituary, Bianca's passion, which she wanted to pursue as a career, was to help other young people dealing with mental illness. She had just graduated high school in June and was planning on attending community college in the fall and studying psychology. Bianca’s family created a scholarship fund in her name for students pursuing a degree in psychology."Our family is devastated by the loss of our beautiful angel, Bianca. Our lives are now forever changed; our hearts are broken," Bianca’s mother Kim Devins wrote in a statement provided to Refinery29. "We will always remember her beautiful smile that lit up our lives. Her spirit will strengthen us and live on forever. While I could not be there to protect her from this violent end, I will now be her voice and spread the message of 'love, not violence.' Let us all pledge to share Bianca's amazing spirit to make this world a better place."A vigil was held on Monday to honor Bianca's life, and the funeral proceedings are scheduled for Thursday and Friday in Utica.We have reached out to members of Bianca’s family and will update this story if we hear back.Like what you see? How about some more R29 goodness, right here?Newly Discovered Video Shows Trump & Jeffrey Epstein Ogling Women At A PartyKierra Coles Has Been Missing For 9 Months. Her Father Says Police Aren't Doing Enough.17-Year-Old Bianca Devins' Alleged Killer Posted Photos Of The Murder On Instagram