• Bear trapped in rushing river gets an unusual helping hand; video

    A cinnamon bear found itself trapped in an eddy in the middle of a rushing Salmon River in Idaho when tourists on a boat tour spotted the struggling bear. “We thought he was a dog when we came up on him,” Liz Comer wrote on Instagram, as reported by KBOI in Boise. “He kept getting sucked under water. “We thought he was a goner for sure because that river was no joke! I’ve never seen it this high!” But the boat captain pulled off a slick move to save the bear, as seen in Comer’s video licensed with ViralHog: “He was so tired and going under when we came up on him,” Comer wrote on Instagram. “He definitely wouldn’t have made it much longer, but the captain used the boat’s engines to push him out

  • Shop owner can't remove Confederate flag

    An ice cream shop owner in Orangeburg, South Carolina, a majority black town, is unable to remove a Confederate flag that flies over his business, but is located on land he doesn't own. CNN's Victor Blackwell reports.

  • Emily Ratajkowski Shares Sizzling, Booty-Baring Vacation Snaps -- See the Pics!

    The 26-year-old model continues to soak up sun -- and show major skin.

  • 5 Things Making Your Wardrobe Look Dated

    Everything comes back eventually, according to the Law of Cyclical Fashion Trends, but at this particular moment in time, we can be quite certain these five things have a good while to go before they return. See what these un-chosen ones are ahead (then quickly move from closet to cold storage). From Marie Claire

  • 1 Woman Nervously Confronted "Cruel" Kids at Target - and Then Their Mom Showed Up

    If you're a parent who has a fear of confrontation, let Mary Katherine Backstorm be your inspiration! The Southern mom was in the checkout line at Target when she noticed a young boy and girl - roughly 11 or 12 years old - in front of her, snickering at the cashier, who had clearly suffered a "very devastating accident and cranial reconstructive surgery." He had staples in his head and a drooping eyelid, and Backstorm noticed that the kids "were getting their cell phones out and trying to take pictures of him with Snapchat filters" to text to their friends. "I'm just not very confident sometimes in my adulthood . . . that I can be an adult in situations like this," Backstorm said in a Facebook

  • Woman Was Reportedly Told to Leave Pool Because of Her "Inappropriate" Bathing Suit

    Nowadays, confidence is hard to come by even when it seems like we've made leaps in the right direction. Despite movements calling for body positivity and acceptance, women especially still find it difficult to step into the public eye feeling judgment-free. Take for example, what reportedly happened to Knoxville, Tennessee resident Tori Jenkins this week. It was hot, so she put on a bathing suit and headed over to her apartment complex's pool. But nearly three minutes after she arrived, Jenkins was told by two leasing consultations that the suit - a pink one-piece - was "inappropriate." She was given three options: change, cover up or leave. Jenkins' fiancé, Tyler Newman, went to Facebook to

  • 'This is what happens when you lose control': Man who videotaped car-kicking motorcyclist speaks out

    Some blame the biker for kicking the car and provoking the driver; others blame the “cager” behind the wheel for swerving into the biker at freeway speed. As California Highway Patrol investigators search for a motorcyclist who kicked a sedan and then throttled away as an explosive, chain-reaction collision left two vehicles wrecked and one man injured, a viral video of the episode continues to spark debate over who’s to blame for the mayhem. Now, the man who videotaped the automotive spectacle is speaking out about who appeared to be at fault. In an interview with The Times on Friday, Chris Traber, 47, of Santa Clarita, said both men appeared to play a role in the harrowing incident. It was