• Larry Caputo of 'Long Island Medium' Is Totally Ripped Post-Split From Wife Theresa

    Larry Caputo is proving age is just a number with a new mirror selfie of the 61-year-old reality star that reveals he has a ripped six-pack. Larry, who appeared on Long Island Medium with his ex-wife Theresa Caputo for 12 seasons, posted the photo to his Instagram page with the caption, "Not bad for a 60+ year old. At least I think so. It don’t come easy!" Working out appears to be part of Larry's regular regimen. The father of two once jokingly called out his friends in a separate photo, and pointed out that he makes time to work out even if he is "all alone by myself." And while comments are flooding in praising Larry's look, it's important to note that although newly-split from Theresa, Larry

  • Whoops. Chrissy Teigen 'projectile puked' at daughter's school orientation

    Former swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen upstaged the room at 2-year-old daughter Luna's school orientation but not in a glamorous way.  In her own words, she struggled to keep her eyes open, had a very loud infant (her son, Miles Theodore, born May 16) and BARFED.  "Hello everyone from Luna’s school orientation today. I’m sorry I projectile puked caffeine upon arrival, couldn’t open my eyes and had the noisiest newborn in the room. (not a joke, very sorry, see you tomorrow)." In a subsequent tweet she explained why, saying, "Oh no it was not first day of school jitters. It was last night’s wine and Korean bbq and jet lag combo." Apparently, Teigen and her husband John Legend are big fans of Korean

  • 'Fair Means Free'?!: Tomi Lahren Asks Californians What They Know About Socialism

    What do Californians think about socialism? Fox News and Fox Nation contributor Tomi Lahren hit the streets of Los Angeles to find out in a segment that aired Monday night on "Hannity." A majority of the people Lahren spoke to were unable to define socialism, which is becoming increasingly popular in the Democratic Party, with leaders like Sen. Bernie Sanders and New York congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez running on a platform of Democratic socialism. A recent poll revealed that more Democrats have a positive view about socialism than those who express a positive view about capitalism. One respondent misunderstood the difference between "socialism" and "socializing," declaring,

  • Ask Amy: Why should I give up my airport lounge for these cheapskates?

    DEAR AMY: My wife (67) and I (73) have worked and saved long and hard so we could enjoy business-class travel in our retirement. One of the benefits of business-class travel is being able to spend long layovers in the airline’s lounge, rather than in a crowded concourse. Another couple recently decided to join us on a trip to Europe. Even though they have more money than we do, they are so cheap they won’t even buy an upgraded economy-class ticket. Now my wife says we should not use the business-class lounge privileges because our companions are so cheap. We’ve all agreed that we don’t need to be joined at the hip on this trip, so why do I need to babysit them in a crowded airport when I’ve paid

  • Finding Joe Murphy? Ex-Detroit Red Wings No. 1 pick reportedly homeless

    Where in the world is Joe Murphy? Northwestern Ontario, apparently. And he's homeless.  Murphy, the former Michigan State star who was drafted No. 1 overall by the Detroit Red Wings in 1986, is the subject of a TSN documentary that will air Wednesday. The Canadian sports network published a trailer of its feature on Twitter on Monday.  According to the video, Murphy has been living in Kenora, Ontario, located north of the Minnesota border. A man identified as Murphy is shown walking the streets of the small city in the video.  The scene is a stark contrast to the life Murphy once lived as a hockey forward, including helping Michigan State win the 1986 national title and helping the Edmonton Oilers

  • Toddlers Survive Alone for Days After Car Wreck Kills Mother

    A 3-year-old boy and his 1-year-old brother survived alone for about two days after they were passengers in a single-car wreck that killed their mother in south Arkansas. The older boy was found first, wandering alone on Monday morning along a road in Camden, about 85 miles (135 kilometers) southwest of Little Rock, the Ouachita County Sheriff Office said. Authorities posted the boy's photo online in hopes of identifying him and learned that his mother hadn't been seen for days. Authorities found the body of the boy's mother, who had been ejected from the car, and his 1-year-old brother awake and alert in his car seat.