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    Buffalo Cops Who Shoved Elderly Man Charged With Second-Degree Assault

    Two Buffalo cops were arraigned on Saturday on one count each of assault in the second degree, after they allegedly shoved a 75-year-old demonstrator during anti-police brutality protests. Martin Gugino, a longtime peace activist in the upstate New York city, hit his head on the pavement and was left on the ground as blood pooled around his head on Thursday evening. He remained in hospital in a serious but stable condition on Saturday.Initially, city officials claimed Gugino had tripped and fell. However, a video surfaced showing riot police, who were clearing Niagara Square at the time, clearly pushing Gugino over and walking by his motionless body. The video had been viewed 78 million times by Saturday.When the two officers, Aaron Torgalski and Robert McCabe, were suspended without pay on Friday, all 57 officers in the department’s Emergency Response Team quit the elite unit in protest. Hundreds of Buffalo police officers showed up to the courthouse to back the pair on Saturday, after the Buffalo Police Benevolent Association reportedly circulated text messages drumming up support. Police and other supporters reportedly cheered when one of the officers exited the courthouse.Some supporters wore “We Back The Blue” t-shirts and held up umbrellas to block news cameras attempting to show the pro-police protesters. Torgalski, 39, and McCabe, 32, both pleaded not guilty to a class D felony and were both released on recognizance after brief virtual appearances in Buffalo City Court.Shortly after, Erie County District Attorney John Flynn said in a press conference that the two officers “crossed the line” and “violated the law.” He cited a New York State law which says if a victim is 65 or older, and is assaulted by someone at least 10 years younger, a felony can be charged.Flynn added that the officers could have arrested Gugino if he was committing a crime. “You arrest him. You don’t take a baton and shove him, along with the officer next to him... You properly arrest him, if he was committing a crime.”The Terrifying History of Bad Cops in BuffaloHe denied any suggestions of unfairly targeting police, pointing out that his office had prosecuted 39 “protesters that became agitators” as well.The city’s black mayor, though, stood by the police officers, saying he had not asked for them to be fired, and it was very important that they “know they are getting due process.”Byron Brown also argued that the 75-year-old man was an “agitator” who had been asked to leave previously. “What we were informed of is that that individual was an agitator,” Brown said. “He was trying to spark up the crowd of people. Those people were there into the darkness. Our concern is when it gets dark, there is a potential for violence.”John Evans, president of the Buffalo Police Benevolent Association, said the officers were following orders to clear the square of all people, regardless of age. “They were simply doing their job. I don’t know how much contact was made. He did slip in my estimation. He fell backwards,” he told The Buffalo News on Friday.However, Erie County Executive Marc Poloncarz said Friday he was “exceptionally disappointed” by the mass resignation. “It indicates to me that they did not see anything wrong with the actions last night,” he said at a press conference.Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the video made him nauseous and he supported a criminal investigation by the Erie County District Attorney.“What we saw was horrendous, disgusting and, I believe, illegal,” Cuomo, a former attorney general, said Saturday.Read more at The Daily Beast.Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now!Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside goes deeper on the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

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    Young white men with long guns at George Floyd protests likely affiliated with far-right group Boogaloo

    Some gun-toting men affiliated with far-right group Boogaloo offer protection. Others seek to incite violence between police and demonstrators.

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    “I Regret Agreeing to My Wife Being a Sugar Baby”

    Ryan says he filed for divorce from his wife of four-and-a-half years, Danielle, because he claims she worked as a sugar baby, had an affair, and engaged in sexually deviant behavior for money. However, Ryan claims he withdrew the divorce once Danielle told him that her behavior was linked to childhood abuse. Ryan claims he didn’t buy his wife’s excuse and insisted she take a polygraph test. Even though Danielle admits to being a sugar baby and cheating on Ryan, she says she never “prostituted” herself. She claims Ryan made up that and other spiteful lies in an attempt to have their 2-year-old daughter taken from her. TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Dr. Phil, please solve our conflict!

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    Lil Nas X, Patton Oswalt Respond To Fox News Host Tucker Carlson’s Claim They Helped ‘Incite Riots’ By Donating To Bail Out Protesters

    Patton Oswalt, Lil Nas X and other celebrities have fired back at Fox News host Tucker Carlson for claiming they helped fund "chaos" by donating money to bail out protesters across the nation. On Friday night’s edition of his self-titled show, Carlson played a video listing the names of actors, musicians and athletes he claims […]

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    Rachel Lindsay Says She’ll Cut Ties With ‘The Bachelor’ Unless ‘Embarrassing’ Diversity Issues Are Fixed

    After 24 "Bachelor" contestants and 15 "Bachelorettes," the franchise’s sole Black lead, Rachel Lindsay, is ready to dissociate with ABC's reality series entirely if they don’t immediately address their problem with diversity. “In 40 seasons [‘The Bachelor’] had one Black lead,” Lindsay said on the "AfterBuzz." "We are on 45 presidents. And in 45 presidents […]

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    Could coronavirus be killed off without a vaccine? History suggests there's a chance

    How do you kill a virus? How do you eliminate a miniscule genetic strip of instructions whose purpose is to replicate itself? On our skin, of course, soap is highly effective. It works by washing its way through the layer of fat that encases coronaviruses so that, as Dr Charlotte Houldcroft, of the University of Cambridge, vividly puts it: "The genetic guts of the virus spill out." Inside our bodies, the task is much harder. So we wait for drugs to treat the worst effects of SARS-Cov-2, and vaccines to prevent it from getting a hold in the first place. But there is another way, an endgame for coronaviruses even without treatments and vaccines. Already this century, devastating outbreaks of deadly cousins of today's virus have twice been crushed without global immunisation programmes. So, as countries around the world begin to relax their lockdowns, will the third time be lucky too? "There's no reason we have to have a second wave," says David Heymann, Professor of Infectious Disease Epidemiology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

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