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    Lindsey Graham Pushes Back on Trump’s Criticism of John Bolton

    Senator Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.) released a statement on Wednesday pushing back on President Trump's criticism of former White House national security adviser John Bolton."I am concerned when John Bolton’s credibility is attacked, it makes it more likely some will feel the need to call him as a witness," Graham said. "In that event, it would be important for the President and his team to call witnesses on other issues."Graham seemed to be responding to Trump's earlier criticism of Bolton on Wednesday."If I listened to [Bolton], we would be in World War Six by now, and goes out and IMMEDIATELY writes a nasty & untrue book," Trump wrote on Twitter. "All Classified National Security. Who would do this?"In his statement, Graham asserted that no witnesses would be necessary in the impeachment trial."It is my opinion, based on the law and facts, that additional testimony is unnecessary in this case," Graham wrote. "For the sake of argument, one could assume everything attributable to John Bolton is accurate and still the House case would fall well below the standards to remove a President from office."The Senate will vote on Friday on whether to subpoena witnesses and documents as evidence for the trial. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) told caucus members on Tuesday that they lack the votes to prevent the calling of witnesses.On Sunday the New York Times reported that Bolton had written in the manuscript of his upcoming book, "The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir," that President Trump had conditioned aid to Ukraine on that country's commitment to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden. Bolton denied leaking the report, saying there was "no coordination" between himself, his publisher and the Times.

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    ‘Oh God!’: Whoopi Goldberg Threatens to ‘Cut Off’ Rambling Dershowitz in Contentious Interview

    Fresh off his latest stint arguing against impeachment on the floor of the Senate, Alan Dershowitz appeared on The View via satellite from Washington, D.C. on Wednesday morning and the interview was just as insane as you may have imagined. From the start, the hosts had an unusually hard time keeping Dershowitz on track as his filibustered about the framers’ intentions and his newfound theory that the president must commit a crime to be removed from office. Asked to name one other constitutional scholar who believes that, Dershowitz began talking about, “In 1867 the dean of the Columbia Law School…” “Wait, wait, wait,” moderator Whoopi Goldberg interrupted. “In 1492, Columbus sailed the seas of blue, but listen, I need us to move on.” When he refused to move on, she told him, “Here’s the thing, Alan, you’re not going to get any time because you’ve got four people trying to ask questions. So I’m asking you to move faster.” Trevor Noah Destroys Alan Dershowitz’s Impeachment HypocrisyHe continued to press his point, arguing that scholars are only taking that position because Donald Trump is being impeached. “If Hillary Clinton were being impeached, they'd all be on my side,” he said, to which Joy Behar yelled, “That’s just baloney!” “So I'm moving you on or I'm cutting you off, one or the other is going to happen,” Goldberg added to cheers from the audience “I don't want to make this contentious but we only have several minutes.” When Dershowitz chortled in response, she said, “You're laughing. I've always been respectful to you and you've always been respectful to me. So I need to move us on.” With that, she played a clip of Dershowitz making the exact opposite argument about the necessity of a crime during the Clinton impeachment. All he could really do was make a joke about his appearance in 1998—“First of all, I want to admit one thing, I was dead wrong about my haircut”—and say that he’s “changed his mind” about a lot of things over the years. But as Sunny Hostin then pointed out, even if you did need a “crime” to convict Trump, the Government Accountability Office already determined that Trump’s decision to withhold aid to Ukraine was illegal. “They didn't say that, no, no, no,” Dershowitz said. “Sunny, I'll tell you what, let's bet $1,000 to be contributed to the peace of Israel and Palestine.” As she maintained her position, he contradicted that organization by saying, “They have no jurisdiction to conclude it's a crime. Moreover, the GAO is dead wrong. The president conducts foreign policy. He has the right to withhold funds.” By the time Dershowitz started quoting Abraham Lincoln, Goldberg could be heard groaning, “Oh god!” And all of that was before Meghan McCain got her chance to ask a question. Newt Gingrich and Whoopi Goldberg Go at It Over Trump’s ‘Lynching’ CommentsRead more at The Daily Beast.Got a tip? Send it to The Daily Beast hereGet our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now!Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside goes deeper on the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

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    This Triangle Brain Teaser Is Stumping the Internet

    Can you figure it out?

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    Man Married 35 Years Weighs In On Wife’s Relationship With Online Overseas Boyfriend

    A woman says she plans to divorce her husband of 35 years once her online love returns from South Africa, where he’s been stuck. Her husband shares his thoughts on his wife’s online relationship.