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  • World
    The Doctors CBS

    Woman Discovered Her Husband Was Leading a Double Life for 14 Years

    At just 17, Sara Schulting-Kranz was raped and got pregnant. She went to the police who said there was insignificant evidence to convict her rapist. She decided to keep the baby and went on to meet and marry her husband. They had two more boys together, then one day her husband walked through the door and told her that he had been leading a double life for 14 years. Hear her incredible story of resilience. Check out Sara's book "Walk Through This: Harness The Healing Power Of Nature And Travel T

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  • Lifestyle

    Michael Madsen's son Hudson dead at 26

    Hudson Madsen, the son of actor Michael Madsen, has died. He was 26. Hudson died of a gunshot wound to the head in a suspected suicide on the island of Oahu, a spokesperson for the Honolulu Medical Examiner confirmed to People.

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  • Lifestyle
    Travel & Leisure Video

    United Airlines Flight Diverted After Passengers Tried to Upgrade Themselves to Business Class

    After returning to its original destination, the flight was canceled.

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  • Health

    Science-Backed Strategies to Lose Weight While Maintaining Your Muscle Gains

    Experts explain how to lose fat and reach your weight-loss goals — besides creating a calorie deficit.

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  • Science

    Snow sweeps across the Great Lakes and into the Northeast

    A snowstorm passed over the Great Lakes, through the northern Ohio Valley and slowly crossed through the Northeast on Jan. 24, dropping several inches of snow across many already snow-covered areas.

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  • World
    Yahoo News Video

    Case of ex-deep-sea treasure hunter stuck in jail sees another delay

    The long-running case of a former deep-sea treasure hunter marking his sixth year in jail for refusing to disclose the whereabouts of missing gold coins has hit yet another roadblock.

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  • Business
    Yahoo Finance Video

    Fed: What to expect from the FOMC meeting this week

    Yahoo Finance's Brian Cheung discusses the rocky market yesterday and what investors should expect from the Fed meeting this week.

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