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  • Health
    Miami Herald

    Where are you most likely to catch COVID? New study highlights high risk locations

    Is it the movie theater? The gym? Researchers calculated the odds of infection for any place you might go.

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  • Style

    Kim Kardashian Looks Like a Completely Different Person in This Unedited Photo Shared by a Friend

    When Kim Kardashian became famous, she ushered in an era of highly curated and airbrushed photos — and she even influenced makeup trends with a heavily contoured face. But what we should be celebrating is how gorgeous she looks without all of the editing. The SKIMS founder was spotted in longtime friend Allison Statter’s birthday […]

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  • World

    Chinese teen sold at birth is rejected by his biological parents after finding them online

    A teenager in China who was sold at birth was left heartbroken after finally finding his birth parents and then being rejected by them. Liu Xuezhou, 17, from China’s Hebei Province, posted about the heartbreaking reunion on Douyin on Monday, according to South China Morning Post. Liu managed to find his biological parents with the help of local authorities after he was reportedly encouraged to make a post online.

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  • U.S.

    Teddy Roosevelt statue removed from outside New York museum

    Workers on Wednesday dismantled a towering statue of President Theodore Roosevelt from outside New York City's American Museum of Natural History. The "Equestrian Statue of Theodore Roosevelt," commissioned in 1925 and unveiled to the public in 1940, depicts Roosevelt on a horse, with a Native American man and an African man on foot at his side. The New York City Public Design Commission voted last June to remove it, the museum said on its website.

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  • Health

    What Your Farts Can Tell You About Your Health

    Gas happens — and when it does, it can provide some pretty handy intel. Learn about six different types of toots, such as smelly, hot, and burning farts, and what they say about your health.

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  • Science

    Scientists think they figured out when the Sun will explode and kill us all

    Our Sun isn’t quite as old as other stars out there. However, scientists are already trying to pinpoint exactly when the Sun will die. Of course, it isn’t as simple as throwing out a date. After all, we’re working with a massive ball of energy that we’ve still barely managed to scratch the surface of … The post Scientists think they figured out when the Sun will explode and kill us all appeared first on BGR.

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