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  • Entertainment
    Madame Noire

    Lizzo’s Suggestive And Racy TikTok Has People Talking: ‘Ok Sis, This Ain’t It’

    Lizzo rocks a full face of natural-looking glam and a half-up-half-down hairstyle with wavy extensions as she coyly smiles and rapper Baby Tate's formally unreleased song, "S.H.O.," plays overtop the clip.

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  • Health
    Best Life

    50 Percent of People With COVID Get This Long-Term Symptom, Study Says

    Even though the world has been dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic for nearly two years, we're still learning about the virus and how it can affect our bodies. One area of understanding that has been particularly difficult to grasp has been the wide range of symptoms the virus can cause and how some can stick around long after recovery. Now, a new study has found that one symptom is having a long-term effect on about half of people who have caught COVID. Read on to see which ailment could be stic

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  • Entertainment

    Nerve-Wracking Video Shows a Daring U-Turn Skillfully Executed

    You may bite your nails, but this video of a driver attempting an impossible u-turn on a single-lane road at the edge of a precipice shows real skill. The post Nerve-Wracking Video Shows a Daring U-Turn Skillfully Executed appeared first on Nerdist.

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  • Celebrity

    Meghan McCain and Her Husband 'Got Very Sick' with COVID, She Reveals: 'Hard for Me to Shake'

    "Shouldn't we have more readily available treatment and testing?" she wrote in a new column about her experience, adding: "I thank God my case … wasn't worse. But for so many others it is?"

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  • Celebrity
    Country Living

    At 56, Elizabeth Hurley Is Glowing in a Bright Pink Bikini on Instagram and Fans Are Going Wild

    Elizabeth Hurley, 56, knows how to rock a bikini and her Instagram shows it. She recently showed off a bright pink suit pool-side and fans are going wild.

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  • Politics

    Eric Trump's Oblivious Boast About His Father Gets A Brutal Fact-Check

    The former president's son received a quick reminder about his father.

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  • Lifestyle
    Travel & Leisure Video

    The 18 Cheapest Places to Travel in 2022

    Plan an exciting vacation without spending an arm and a leg.

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