• Business
    Business Insider

    Delta, American, United, and other major airlines signal rejection of new CDC guidance saying they should block middle seats

    The main complaint is that the CDC's report doesn't take into account the new realities of travel, including that masks are required by law.

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  • U.S.
    Raleigh News and Observer

    Mysterious goat appears in Death Valley National Park. That’s bad news, rangers say

    You shouldn’t see a goat during your visit to the park, rangers said.

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  • Celebrity

    Former Top Gear Stig Praises Porsche Carrera GT

    This is going to be controversial…

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  • Celebrity
    Yahoo Entertainment

    Danica Patrick was 'broken open' after Aaron Rodgers breakup

    Danica Patrick talked about her romance with the NFL star on "Running Wild with Bear Grylls."

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  • Entertainment
    In The Know

    TikTok users disturbed by the true meaning of a popular 90s song: 'You ruined my childhood'

    Sorry for ruining another popular song for you.

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  • Health
    The Telegraph

    Cancer patient saw disease all but vanish after catching Covid

    Covid may have caused a cancer patient's tumours to vanish, according to doctors, who said it could have sparked an "anti-tumour immune response" in the man. The 61-year-old patient at the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro had a check-up last summer after being diagnosed with Hogkin's Lymphoma, a rare blood cancer that affects 2,100 people in the UK each year. The disease, which occurs when white blood cells get out of control and spread to the lymph nodes, is typically treated with chemotherapy and around 90 per cent of patients are still alive five years afterwards. Days after being told his chest was riddled with tumours and before starting treatment, the man was admitted to hospital after developing severe Covid. After making a full recovery, he had another scan and discovered the cancer had almost completely disappeared. Sudden remission with Hogkin's Lymphoma is possible but is extremely rare. Just a couple of dozen similar cases have ever been recorded worldwide. The case was revealed in the British Journal of Haematology. Dr Sarah Challoner, of the Royal Cornwall Hospital, said: "We think Covid-19 triggered an anti-tumour immune response." Dr Challoner added that the medical team believed T-cells, which fight infections in the body, may have also attacked cancer cells and led to the remission. However, other clinicians warned against making early assumptions about the cause of the recovery. Martin Ledwick, Cancer Research UK's head cancer information nurse, said: "At this stage it's too early to draw any conclusions from these cases – it's quite possibly a coincidence. "Anyone undergoing cancer treatment should continue to follow the advice of their doctors, as well as protecting themselves from catching Covid-19, and we encourage all who can to take up the vaccine." A report in the Italian medical journal Acta Biomedica, published last year, highlighted a similar case at Cremona Hospital in Italy.

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