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  • U.S.

    A 17-year-old Maryland student was charged after one of his classmates was found shot in a school bathroom

    The suspected shooter was charged with attempted second-degree murder. Police found a ghost gun that "was believed to be the gun used" by the suspect.

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  • Business

    McDonald's Has a New Sandwich; History Says Nobody Will Buy It

    McDonald's wants customers who care about healthy eating, and it wants options for its existing customers when they want a meal that's healthier than a Big Mac or a 10-piece Chicken McNuggets. The business logic for this makes sense -- some people want to eat healthy food -- but the reality has never proven that anyone wants healthy choices from McDonald's. McPlant might be different, but the fast-food giant has gone down this road before and the ending has always been the same. McDonald's dr

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  • World
    Associated Press

    German navy chief resigns following Ukraine comments

    The head of the German navy resigned late Saturday after coming under fire at home and abroad for comments he made on Ukraine and Russia. Speaking at an event in India on Friday, vice admiral Kay-Achim Schoenbach had said Ukraine would not regain the Crimean Peninsula, which Russia annexed in 2014. Schoenbach also said it was important to have Russia on the same side against China, and suggested that Russian President Vladimir Putin deserved “respect."

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  • Celebrity

    Salma Hayek's Scuba Suit Is 'About to Pop' In New & Enchanting Beach-Themed Photos

    Salma Hayek is back at it, yet again with a jaw-dropping and sultry beach-themed photo shoot. On Jan 19, Hayek posted two photos of her latest water-based adventure to her Instagram with the caption, “Some people run to visit the fish.” View this post on Instagram A post shared by Salma Hayek Pinault (@salmahayek) In […]

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  • Celebrity
    Yahoo Life

    Amy Schumer shares doctored Trump photo as she jokes, 'Has getting work done changed me?'

    The comedian recently opened up about getting liposuction.

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  • Technology
    Reuters Videos

    Robot bartender serves Olympic cocktails in Beijing

    Weary media workers covering the Winter Games can order a drink from the robot and throw one back in the Bar Area off the main dining hall, part of the COVID bubble journalists will be confined to during the Olympics which start on February 4.The agile arm can mix more than a dozen types of cocktails, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, and it does it all in Olympic speed.It takes the robot just 70 to 90 seconds to measure, shake, and serve the perfect beverage.Human bartenders are also on duty to

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  • Politics

    Democratic Sen. Chris Coons says he's 'gravely concerned' about the 'abundant evidence' of nationwide voter suppression

    "We made significant progress in making it easier for folks to vote in the pandemic in 2020," Sen. Coons said. "Why would we be rolling that back?"

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