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  • Trump's Old Tweet About Obama’s Taxes Is Looking Super Awkward Now

    The president's gripe rings hollow in light of revelations he paid almost nothing in federal income taxes.

  • A Raven perfectly summed up Patrick Mahomes' dominance: 'They don’t give that guy half a billion dollars for no reason'

    The problem for Baltimore, or maybe any teams out there, is the sinking realization that maybe they can’t beat these guys. Mahomes has a gear that no one else has.

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  • Dr. Fauci Says Here's How You Can Catch COVID By Accident

    Over the summer, many people opted to eat out, relying on alfresco dining to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, as temperatures continue to drop in most of the country, outdoor dining will become increasingly difficult if not altogether impossible. So, should you enjoy a meal in the comfort of a restaurant? During an interview on Tuesday with the American Lung Association's podcast Lungcast, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation's leading coronavirus expert, warned that if you do, you could be putting your health at risk. Read on, and to ensure your health and the health of others, don't miss these Sure Signs You've Already Had Coronavirus. "There Is Some Degree of Aerosol Transmission"Albert Rizzo, MD, Chief Medical Officer of the American Lung Association, asked Dr. Fauci about the recent controversy involving the CDC declaring COVID-19 airborne, then quickly retracting their statement. While the key member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force admitted that he too was confused by the move, he did confirm that the virus does spread via the air. "I just know that it is likely that there is some degree of aerosol transmission," he stated. "I don't know, to what extent it's responsible for transmissions. Maybe it accounts for 5%, 10%, 20%. I don't know, but I would be surprised if there was no aerosol in the transmission."RELATED: COVID Mistakes You Should Never Make Beware Of Indoor Dining He then brought up a study published in July on the CDC's website, involving respiratory droplets being spread through a restaurant via air conditioning, infecting various families sitting well beyond six feet from one another. "We know from circumstances like the very now well-known episode in a Chinese restaurant in China, in which people who were in a restaurant on the other side and never came into any contact with the person were having dinner, they got infected," he pointed out."Which means that the circulation of the air conditioner was probably recirculating something that stayed in the air for more than two seconds, because a few people got affected in that restaurant that weren't anywhere near the index case, who was infected."In a recent Instagram Live conversation with HIV/AIDS-LGBTQ+ activist Peter Staley, Dr. Fauci suggested that restaurants should keep their windows open at all times. "I think anything that has airflow out, not airflow in the room," he said about how a restaurant could safely operate indoor dining. RELATED: I'm an Infectious Disease Doctor and Would Never Touch This  How to Avoid COVID-19 As for yourself, think twice before entering a room or restaurant with poor ventilation, and do everything you can to prevent getting—and spreading—COVID-19 in the first place: Wear your face mask, get tested if you think you have coronavirus, avoid crowds (and bars, and house parties), practice social distancing, only run essential errands, wash your hands regularly, disinfect frequently touched surfaces, and to get through this pandemic at your healthiest, don't miss these 35 Places You're Most Likely to Catch COVID.

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  • School Staffer Gets Jail for Sexually Abusing Boy, Telling Him He 'Deserved Special Things'

    Courtney Roznowski was arrested in August after Child Protective Services received a tip

  • Joe Biden tweets joke mocking 'earpiece' and 'drug' allegations with photo of headphones and ice cream

    "I’ve got my earpiece and performance enhancers ready," Biden wrote on Twitter with a photo of tangled earbuds and a pint of ice cream.

  • Peter Jackson, journalist and son of U.S. Sen. 'Scoop' Jackson, dies but his tweets live on

    As with late presidential candidate Herman Caine, death hasn't silenced Jackson's Twitter account

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  • Canada lawyers asks judge to keep Huawei CFO's U.S. extradition case 'on the straight and narrow'

    Lawyers for the Canadian government asked a judge on Tuesday to keep Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou's extradition case to the United States "on the straight and narrow" and described the evidence presented by the defence as inadmissible. Government lawyer Robert Frater asked the judge to throw out the defence's arguments and end their effort to add an allegation that the U.S. government had abused the process. Lawyers for Meng told the court that the United States extradition request to Canada is based on so many "omissions and misrepresentations that it's unreliable and ineffective."

  • Job market will be 'catastrophic' with 41% of people laid and off likely not getting their jobs back: Author

    Michael Solomon, 10x Management Co-Founder and author of "Game Changer: How To Be 10x In The Talent Economy" joins the On the Move panel to discuss how to identify, and retain talent that will make a difference in the work world of tomorrow.

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  • Jim Parsons reveals he had COVID-19: 'It defied the descriptions for me'

    The actor revealed that he and husband Todd Spiewak thought they just had colds, until they completely lost their taste and smell.

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  • Trump facing devastating debt load? Experts say not so fast

    President Donald Trump reportedly must pay back more than $300 million in loans over the next four years, raising the possibility his lenders could face an unprecedented situation should he win a second term and not be able to raise the money: foreclosing on the leader of the free world. Based on Forbes magazine estimates of the value of his buildings, for instance, selling his partial interests in just two properties— an office complex in San Francisco and a Las Vegas tower that houses a hotel and condos — could bring in $500 million alone. Trump’s true financial picture has gotten renewed scrutiny in the wake of a New York Times report this week that he declared hundreds of millions in losses in recent years, allowing him to pay just $750 in taxes the year he won the presidency, and nothing for 10 of 15 years before that.

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  • Jessica Simpson Shows Off Her Yoga Skills in a Peek-a-Boo Sports Bra & Wild Leggings

    Both athleisure pieces come from Simpson's own line of apparel;.

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  • Pro-Life Senator Joni Ernst Says There’s a ‘Very Minimal’ Chance Supreme Court Will Overturn Roe v. Wade

    Pro-life Senator Joni Ernst (R., Iowa) said on Monday that she thinks the likelihood of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, the 1973 ruling that made abortion legal, is “very minimal.”Ernst’s comments during an hour-long debate for the U.S. Senate race against her pro-abortion opponent, Democrat Theresa Greenfield. Moderator David Yepsen asked what each candidate would do if the Court overturned the ruling, which President Trump has suggested may happen now that he has nominated pro-life Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the high court. If confirmed, Barrett’s appointment would create a 6-3 conservative majority on the Court. Ernst explained that she is “proudly pro-life” and thinks “every life has value and is worthwhile" but expressed skepticism that the ruling would be overturned.“I think the likelihood of Roe v. Wade being overturned is very minimal. I don’t see that happening, truly I don’t see that happening," she said.The Iowa Republican went on to say that what pro-lifers can do, in lieu of a Court decision, is educate the public on how important life is.“I think that the views that are being taken by Theresa Greenfield and those that are backing her from the coasts, from California and New York, it's inappropriate and not acceptable to most Iowa voters,” she said. Ernst has supported overturning the ruling in the past, and in January joined 206 other members of Congress in petitioning the Supreme Court to reconsider Roe v. Wade. Greenfield said she believes abortion rights are “settled law.”“I will always defend a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions with the guidance of her doctor,” she said. Barrett, when asked in 2016 about ways a future Supreme Court might allow states to pass more restrictions on abortion, said she didn't believe the core case behind Roe v. Wade would change."I think don't think the core case – Roe's core holding that, you know, women have a right to an abortion – I don't think that would change. But I think the question of whether people can get very late-term abortions, how many restrictions can be put on clinics – I think that would change," she said.Greenfield is currently polling 2.6 points ahead of Ernst, according to a RealClearPolitics average of polling totals. Editor's Note: A previous version of this article identified Theresa Greenfield as anti-abortion, when she is in fact pro-abortion.

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  • Breonna Taylor case grand juror: We weren’t given the option of indicting the two cops who shot her

    Grand juror said AG Daniel Cameron misrepresented the deliberations. Cameron agreed to release grand jury recording

  • Isaiah Thomas has perfect response to Tyler Herro's comments about falling in draft

    After Tyler Herro said he remembers the names of the 12 players picked before him in the NBA Draft, Ex-Celtic Isaiah Thomas had an A+ response to the Heat rookie.

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  • Dr. Kelly Killeen Transforms Size M Breasts in "Biggest" Reduction to Date on Dr. 90210

    On tonight's premiere, the Dr. 90210 surgeon tackled new patient Carlena's "gigantic" breasts. See the transformation

  • A 3-Michelin star restaurant in Napa has burned down in California's latest wildfire

    The Restaurant at Meadowood was engulfed by Napa Valley's Glass Fire on Monday morning and couldn't be saved.

  • These Thanksgiving Quotes from Movies and TV Will Make Everyone Smile (46 photos)

    Our favorite festive on-screen moments in honor of Turkey Day. From ELLE Decor

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  • Trump email says he ‘finished debating’ Biden hours before debate begins

    The president’s campaign jumped the gun on touting his performance.

  • Hugh Jackman’s Wife Deborra-Lee Furness Speaks Out on Rumors About Her Husband’s Sexuality

    Hugh Jackman has been a mainstream movie star since the days of Wolverine — and unfortunately, he's fallen prey to the same rumors that dogged so many of Hollywood's leading men over the past decades. Essentially, as long as Jackman has been famous, he's been followed by suspicions about his sexuality and whispers that he's actually gay, despite his […]