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  • U.S.
    The Daily Beast

    Mom Helped Son Behead His Pregnant Sister Before He Posed for a Selfie, Police Say

    Navesh Chitrakar via ReutersA pregnant 19-year-old woman in India was allegedly decapitated with a sickle by her younger brother, who then posed for a selfie with her severed head along with their mother.The horrific murder—deemed an honor killing after the woman eloped with her fiance without her family’s consent—took place in the western Indian state of Maharashtra on Sunday, according to the BBC. Both the young man, identified as Sanket Mote, and the pair’s mother, identified as Shobhabai Mot

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  • Celebrity
    NY Daily News

    Ghislaine Maxwell outsourced sex acts for Jeffrey Epstein, jury hears

    NEW YORK — Ghislaine Maxwell spoke in a baby voice and outsourced sex acts for her boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein because she couldn’t keep up with his all-consuming libido, an anonymous witness told a jury on Monday at the British socialite’s trial. “She said he needed to have sex about three times a day,” the witness, who testified under the pseudonym “Kate,” told jurors in Manhattan federal ...

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  • Style
    Footwear News

    Britney Spears Poses In Her Hot Pink Therapist Top, Skinny Jeans & Pumps

    In a new Instagram video, Britney Spears wore a hot pink top that was complete with a square neckline and short puff-sleeves. She paired the crop top with skinny jeans and black pointed-toe pumps.

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  • U.S.
    FTW Outdoors

    Can you spot both bobcats photographed in Wisconsin forest?

    The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources on Saturday shared an image that shows two camouflaged bobcats in a wintry landscape and asked its Facebook followers if they could spot the animals.

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  • Lifestyle

    People Are Sharing What Their Job Is And How Much They Make, And I Love The Transparency

    Featuring cooks, pilots, vet techs, and more.View Entire Post ›

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  • Sports

    Jim Jordan’s Unhinged Nazis Comparison Summed Up In 1 Word On Twitter

    The Ohio Republican suggested the threat from the "radical left" was similar to that of the Nazis. Critics hit back.

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  • Entertainment
    Country Living

    'Yellowstone' S4, E6: Can We Get a New Writer For Beth?

    The insults are getting worse, but the drama is finally heating up.

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