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  • U.S.
    Business Insider

    Ginni Thomas left a voicemail for Anita Hill asking her to apologize for accusing Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment

    In a 2010 voicemail, nearly 20 years after the contentious Supreme Court confirmation hearing of her husband, Thomas asked Hill to apologize for "what [she] did."

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  • Business
    Motley Fool

    Social Security Checks Could Soar in 2023: Here's How Much Extra Seniors Might Receive

    For better or worse, Social Security is our nation's most vital social program. A recent survey from national pollster Gallup found that 84% of nonretirees plan to lean on Social Security as a "major" or "minor" source of income when retired. Considering how important the program is to the financial well-being of tens of millions of currently retired Americans, there's perhaps no announcement more universally awaited than Social Security's annual cost-of-living adjustment (COLA).

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  • Lifestyle

    I tried 5 different kinds of canned chili, and there's only one I'd eat again

    I tasted canned versions of the classic meal from Hormel, Wolf Brand, Amy's, and Campbell's to find the best option for your Fourth of July spread.

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  • U.S.
    Associated Press

    Prosecutors seek 15 years for former 'Cheer' star Harris

    A prosecutor has asked a federal judge to sentence Jerry Harris, a former star of the Netflix documentary series “Cheer,” to 15 years in prison for coercing teenage boys to send him obscene photos and videos of themselves and soliciting sex from minors at cheerleading competitions. Attorneys for Harris are seeking a sentence of six years. Assistant U.S. Attorney Kelly Guzman wrote in a sentencing memo late Wednesday that Harris used “his status as a competitive cheerleader, his social media pe

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  • Politics
    Yahoo Entertainment

    Trump supporters befuddled when confronted by facts from Jan. 6 hearings

    Jordan Klepper was on assignment for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Thursday, in the great state of Mississippi. He attended Donald Trump’s American Freedom Tour and spoke with the former president's supporters about the ongoing Jan. 6th Committee hearings and the damning testimony from his closest allies and family. Attendees were shown testimonies from witnesses, but many were unable to accept the information being presented to them. For example, one gentleman was shown a video of Ivanka Tru

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  • U.S.

    Asian US Navy veteran knocked out in LA Koreatown attack to press charges if assailant is caught

    An Asian U.S. Navy veteran who lost consciousness after being sucker-punched in Los Angeles’ Koreatown on Tuesday will press charges if his assailant is caught, NextShark has learned. The 32-year-old victim, who asked to be identified as Leo, was playing on his phone while waiting for a bus near a Chipotle in Wilshire Boulevard and Vermont Avenue at around 1:45 p.m. when “this Black man with anger issues sucker-punched me,” he recalled in an Instagram post. Security footage seen by NextShark s

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