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    'I'm deeply concerned': Public health experts warn of coronavirus spread in more U.S. cities

    The growing number of coronavirus cases is worrying many public health experts, including NYU Langone Health Assistant Professor Alison Bateman-House. 

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    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Showed Her Anger on the House Floor — and Also Her Power

    Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez expressed her anger and her frustration as a $2 trillion relief bill that would allow for major corporate bailouts was passed in the House of Representatives. A body language expert breaks down her power.

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    Why Not Wearing A Bra During Self-Isolation Is The Best

    Keep those chest prisons in your dresser drawer where they belong!

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    40 Things Every House in the 70s Had That No One Sees Today

    These really take us back.From Country Living

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    Judge Jeanine Pirro Appears Disheveled and Tipsy After Fox News Show Delayed for ‘Technical Difficulties’

    Jeanine Pirro’s Fox News show got a late start on Saturday night due to “technical difficulties” — but when the former New York state judge did appear nearly 15 minutes into her show, her usually perfectly coifed hair appeared disheveled and she seemed to be tipsy in her verbal delivery.“We apologize for the technical difficulties,” Pirro said when she finally appeared about a quarter into the one-hour broadcast after anchor Jackie Ibanez covered for her initial absence.Pirro’s speaking was notably loose throughout the broadcast. “Just the other … day the president talked, or was hoping, about the possibility of reopening everything on Easter Sunday, uh, in a way where we could kind of come out of this quarantine, as loose as it may be, that we’re involved in,” Pirro said at one point.You can check out the short clip of the now edited out moment in the tweets below.Judge Jeanine missed the first segment of her show tonight because of “technical difficulties” and then hosted the rest of it in this condition pic.twitter.com/KxGGBXUkly— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) March 29, 2020Beyond parody. You can actually see Jeanine Pirro putting down her drink at the top of her show tonight…which was delayed due to “technical difficulties”. pic.twitter.com/5hOC11BFtM— ElElegante101 (@skolanach) March 29, 2020Also Read: Trish Regan Out at Fox Business After Coronavirus CommentsA rep for Fox News did not immediately respond to a request for comment.Left-leaning Twitterverse quickly had a field day with the episode of “Justice With Judge Jeanine,” with several noting similarities to Cecily Strong’s impression of a liquor-toting, drink-spilling Pirro on “Saturday Night Live.”“Has anyone noticed that a number of Trump’s most passionate fans (“Judge” Jeanine, Giuliani, Kudlow) often appear to be drunk as a skunk when they defend him on TV?” asked Jeet Heer, a correspondent for The Nation. New York Daily News columnist Mike Lupica suggested that the show could be retitled “Happy Hour With Judge Jeanine.”And actress Minnie Driver, using a vulgar British term for drunk, suggested Pirro was “the only fantastic side effect of COVID19 sublime content” on Fox News. Read more reactions here.Has anyone noticed that a number of Trump's most passionate fans ("Judge" Jeanine, Giuliani, Kudlow) often appear to be drunk as a skunk when they defend him on TV? https://t.co/mlKghFoKSB— Jeet Heer (@HeerJeet) March 29, 2020New name for show: Happy Hour with Judge Jeanine.— Mike Lupica (@MikeLupica) March 29, 2020Judge Jeanine might be joining Trish Reagan at an upstate farm tomorrow. https://t.co/R8msbxyLUZ— YS (@NYinLA2121) March 29, 2020Invented a new cocktail that involves chugging bourbon from the bottle and then recording angry videos to send to my exes. I'm calling it the Judge Jeanine.— Gary Legum (@GaryLegum) March 29, 2020Judge Jeanine, twatted, on-air is the only fantastic side effect of COVID19 sublime content FoxNews ! https://t.co/qJKnyGqmav— Minnie Driver (@driverminnie) March 29, 2020At one point a heavily inebriated Judge Jeanine is slowly nodding off while her guest talks. A quick-thinking producer gets her off screen by throwing up a graphic of "mental health tips." The first tip is "AVOID NAPS"!!!! pic.twitter.com/h16JkzldrH— John Teti (@johnteti) March 29, 2020And hello to Judge Jeanine's new sponsor: Vitameatavegamin "It's so tasty too!" pic.twitter.com/cuLxdGDatu— Joe Santi (@JoeAconite) March 29, 2020Judge Jeanine and her “technical difficulties” pic.twitter.com/eSU38WOMB2— bean the modest wizard (@RahBean85) March 29, 2020Read original story Judge Jeanine Pirro Appears Disheveled and Tipsy After Fox News Show Delayed for ‘Technical Difficulties’ At TheWrap

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    Letters to the Editor: Sorry, billionaires; coronavirus will make some of you mere millionaires

    Some billionaires are anxious to preserve their fortunes by restarting the economy amid a pandemic. Too bad for them.