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  • U.S.

    Arizona Grandmother Helps Solve Her Own Murder By Capturing Suspected Killer In Photo, Police Say

    An Arizona grandmother and food delivery driver used her final moments to help police catch her suspected killer, authorities say. Pamela Rae Martinez, 60, was able to snap a photo of the man believed to have shot her to death along West Bell Road on Saturday, June 11, shortly after she had completed her last food delivery for the night. Rusty French, 62, is now facing charges of second-degree murder in Martinez’s death after investigators found the tell-tale photo on the woman’s phone, accordin

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  • Sports
    Associated Press

    F1 condemns racism after Piquet's reported slur at Hamilton

    Formula One condemned racist language after a slur reportedly directed at Lewis Hamilton by retired champion Nelson Piquet. Piquet was discussing a crash between Hamilton and Max Verstappen during last year's British Grand Prix when the 69-year-old Brazilian referenced the color of Hamilton's skin with a discriminatory term during a podcast in November.

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  • Business

    Chip makers are refusing to build new semiconductor plants in the U.S. unless Congress unlocks $52 billion in funding

    Taiwanese semiconductor firm GlobalWafers joins Intel and TSMC in urging Congress to fund U.S. development.

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  • U.S.
    In The Know by Yahoo

    Nurse reacts to footage of dad ‘stealing’ diapers from hospital: ‘Literally illegal’

    Her video is shocking parents all across TikTok.

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  • Politics
    Reuters Videos

    Video shows tank crashing, gas rising at Jordan port

    STORY: A video posted on state television's Twitter page showed a storage tank falling from a winch and slamming into the deck of a ship, followed by yellow-colored gas rising into the air as people ran away.Officials said the tank was filled with 25 tons of chlorine gas, set to be exported to Djibouti.Authorities called on residents to shut windows and stay indoors.Prime Minister Bisher al-Khasawneh formed an investigation team into the incident chaired by the interior minister, state TV cited

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  • Health

    Child Psychiatrists Are Begging Parents to Stop Saying This in Front of Their Daughters

    How girls think about their bodies is subjective, but their perception is heavily influenced by a variety of external factors—including their own parents. And, as a result, we may be passing down body image...

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  • U.S.

    Filipino family attacked at North Hollywood fast food drive-thru seeks extraction order on assailant

    The Filipino American family who was threatened and physically attacked by a man at a McDonald’s drive-thru in North Hollywood, California, last month will seek an extraction order on their assailant. Patricia Roque, 19, expressed her frustration at her family’s ongoing case against Nicholas Weber, who faces hate crime charges, as he refused to attend his arraignment for the third time. “It’s very frustrating,” Patricia told migrant rights advocate Xenia Tupas on June 24.

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