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  • Celebrity
    Charlotte Observer

    ‘Dirty Jobs’ host Mike Rowe needed a haircut. A Charlotte stylist left him smiling.

    He was the second customer for Allyssa Hagaman, and she was up for the challenge — and the quips. “She’s a smart aleck,” the TV personality says.

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  • World
    Associated Press

    After 3 months of war, life in Russia has profoundly changed

    When Vladimir Putin announced the invasion of Ukraine, war seemed far away from Russian territory. Three months after the Feb. 24 invasion, many ordinary Russians are reeling from those blows to their livelihoods and emotions. Moscow’s vast shopping malls have turned into eerie expanses of shuttered storefronts once occupied by Western retailers.

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  • Politics
    Miami Herald

    ‘Maybe it’s time to try something else.’ Democrats backing diverse Senate candidates

    Last week, Democratic voters in three states nominated a trio of attention-grabbing Senate candidates: a Black man who disavows moderate policies, a towering, tattooed lieutenant governor who insists on wearing shorts, and a Black woman who spent her career in the judiciary.

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  • Lifestyle
    IndyStar | The Indianapolis Star

    Marriage in the face of 'horrendous luck.' Fighting same fatal disease they say 'I do'

    She has two master's degrees. He has a gold record. Now, their brains are deteriorating, their bodies are failing, but 'love can come through.'

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  • Science
    The Weather Network

    Mountains of sugar have been found in the ocean under seagrass meadows

    The sugar deposits in the seagrass meadows form “one of the largest piles of sugar on Earth,” according to the researchers.

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  • Entertainment
    Consequence of Sound

    Robert Fripp and Plastic-Wrapped Toyah Perform Radiohead’s “Creep”: Watch

    The married couple delivers a truly "f**kin' special" rendition of the alt-rock classic. Robert Fripp and Plastic-Wrapped Toyah Perform Radiohead’s “Creep”: Watch Spencer Kaufman

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  • Politics

    Trump Shares Post Suggesting 'Civil War'

    "Any of my fellow Republicans wanna speak out now?" GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger said of the incendiary post.

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