• Entertainment

    Dave Bautista Held a Meeting with Warner Bros. to Tell the Studio He’s Going to Play Bane

    Bautista told the studios point blank: "I'm playing [Bane]."

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    In The Know

    Woman claims security camera caught ‘small dinosaur’ running through her backyard: ‘[It] can run fast’

    A Florida woman is claiming that her security camera captured a "baby dinosaur" running across her yard.

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  • U.S.
    Associated Press

    Sheriff: Woman purposely drove into teens playing basketball

    A white North Carolina woman was charged with driving her car into a yard where three Black teenagers were playing basketball, injuring one of them. A Pitt County Sheriff's Office news release said deputies responded Sunday afternoon to a report of a child intentionally hit by a car in Greenville. The news release said that Daina Renee Forrest, 35, of Greenville, had been driving around and threatening the three teens by waving a knife and cursing.

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  • Politics
    The Week

    Former Trump aides are reportedly frustrated he didn't become vaccine 'salesman-in-chief' as planned

    Former aides to former President Donald Trump are reportedly looking back at the end of his term as a major missed opportunity to encourage his supporters to get vaccinated against COVID-19. A new report in Politico describes how Trump's "unwillingness to pitch his voters on getting the jab has become the source of frustration for former aides," not to mention experts who believe he could have helped sway those Republicans who say they won't get vaccinated. While Trump was in office, there was reportedly a "monthslong effort to get him to publicly take the lead" on pushing vaccinations. "If he spent the last 90 days being the voice — and taking credit because he deserved to for the vaccine — and helping get as many Americans get vaccinated as he could, he would be remembered for that,” a former senior administration official said. In fact, health officials pushed for Trump to receive a COVID-19 vaccine on camera, and officials from the White House and federal agencies planned for him take on the role of the "vaccine's salesman-in-chief," Politico reports. Ultimately, Trump didn't get the vaccine publicly, though former Vice President Mike Pence did. A senior administration official told Politico there were concerns that Trump would be seen as "jumping the line" ahead of those at higher risk after he had COVID-19 in the fall. But officials were also reportedly skeptical that Trump would be open to getting the vaccine on camera. "Someone joked and said, 'Have you ever seen him wear a short sleeved shirt in public?'" a former administration official told Politico. "'I don't think that's going to happen.'" It was later revealed in March that Trump actually quietly received the vaccine off camera before he left office — and not only did the White House not tell anyone, but Politico says top health officials and aides didn't even know this was happening at the time Read more at Politico. More stories from theweek.comAll 40 movies nominated for an Oscar this year, rankedThe new HBO show you won't be able to stop watchingBiden says Chauvin's guilty verdict sends the message 'no one should be above the law'

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  • Sports
    NBC Sports

    Report: Heat concerned about Tyler Herro’s personal life

    Heat guard Tyler Herro played like a star as a rookie in the 2020 playoffs.

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  • News

    Waitress at Ohio Bob Evans Restaurant Is Killed in Front of Coworkers, Customers While on Shift

    The alleged shooter is the ex-boyfriend of victim Rebecca Jean Rogers

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