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  • U.S.
    The Daily Beast

    Look at My Face and Tell Me We Don’t Need Gun Control

    Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/Courtesy of Lilli MartiniThis story contains graphic imagesI’d been to the July 4 parade in Highland Park so many times. This time, I went with my cousin and her boyfriend, plus another 5-year-old cousin and her grandmother. We walked in the pets and children’s march that comes right before the main parade and then rushed to our seats in front of Walker Bros. pancake house to take it all in—like I had done almost every year of my life.The ambulances and poli

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  • Lifestyle
    Yahoo Life

    You've probably never heard of these genius airport hacks

    The airport doesn’t have to be a stressful bookend around your vacation. Learn to travel like a pro with these brilliant insider tips.

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  • Health

    A 31-year-old mom says doctors dismissed her severe pain as a gallbladder issue. Later, tests showed she had stage 4 cancer.

    Casey Ward says she begged doctors to operate, but they wouldn't because she was pregnant. After birth, they discovered tumors in multiple organs.

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  • World
    FTW Outdoors

    Can you spot the mountain lion stalking the elk?

    Can you spot the mountain lion stalking the elk in a trail-cam image captured at Rio Mora National Wildlife Refuge?

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  • Celebrity

    Denise Richards Poses in Itty-Bitty Flag Bikini to Celebrate July 4th After Joining OnlyFans

    Former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Denise Richards staged her own beachside photo shoot in some patriotic swimwear

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  • Business

    Car quality is slipping: These are the brands with the most and least complaints, study finds

    KELLEY BLUE BOOK New car owners are experiencing more problems in the first 90 days of ownership than ever before. Buick took the top spot in the 2022 J.D. Power Initial Quality Study, but the headline isn’t the winner this year.

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  • U.S.
    The Daily Beast

    Married Couple Leave Behind Toddler in Parade Nightmare

    MAX HERMAN/ReutersA married couple in their 30s whose toddler is now terrifyingly alone. A preschool teacher. A great-grandfather visiting from Mexico. A financial adviser who rode the train daily. These are some of the lives that were snuffed out by the gunman who opened fire on the Highland Park Fourth of July parade on Monday. A little over a day after the killing stopped, officials released the names of all but one fatal victim of the latest mass shooting nightmare in America. They identifie

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