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    Dr. Fauci Says This 'Magic' Thing Could Turn COVID Around

    Despite the best efforts of health experts—including Dr. Anthony Fauci—COVID-19 is still thriving in several parts of the country. In fact, this week 22 states reported increasing infections, with many also experiencing an increase in the number of daily deaths and the testing positivity rate. According to Dr. Fauci, there is one thing that could help turn the coronavirus pandemic around, but it would require all of our participation. Read on, to ensure your health and the health of others, don't miss these Sure Signs You've Already Had Coronavirus. Fauci Says What He'd Do if He Had a 'Magic Wand'"If you could wave a magic wand over the United States and change one thing tomorrow to improve the trajectory of this pandemic, what would it be?" the nation's leading infectious disease expert was asked today by Sean Rameswaram in an interview published on Vox. "I think apart from a vaccine, which we'll have to wait a few months for, if I were to wave a wand now, it would be to get the entire country uniformly pulling together in a public health way to get these cases down," he confessed.Fauci points out that post 911 and Pearl Harbor, "we didn't have any political arguing about what we needed to do. Everybody was in it together. That's really what we're dealing with." Fauci wants people to remember that we shouldn't be fighting each other—as has been the case in America, especially with the "highly charged political season with big-time, high-stakes elections.""We've lost sight of the fact that the bad guy here is the virus. The bad guy is not one side or the other," he said. RELATED: Dr. Fauci Says You Can Catch COVID This Way After All Fauci Said the Fundamentals Really WorkHe reiterated that public health measures—such as his recommended fundamentals of mask wearing, social distancing, avoiding crowded spaces, and staying outdoors instead of indoors— "should be the gateway and the vehicle to getting the country's economy back and opening up the country."And yet, "there are some who interpret that as an obstacle. It isn't the obstacle. It's the solution."Dr. Fauci wants to keep hammering this message home: "We're all in this together. And when you have some groups of society who make it a political issue, it makes it very complicated to get a uniform, consistent approach in our country."So, if he could perform magic, his ultimate spell would be to unite the country. "I don't want to get too melodramatic, but we are at war with a virus. We are not at war with each other. So my magic wand would be … a spirit of pulling together." So let's do it everyone, and to get through this pandemic at your healthiest, don't miss these 35 Places You're Most Likely to Catch COVID.

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    Texas man charged with capital murder in deaths of Houston friends missing since 2016

    Harvey Lester Cyphers, 53, of Austin, Texas, was arrested and charged with capital murder in the 2016 deaths of friends Sidney Taylor and Krislyn Gibson, both 35, who were visiting Houston for the 2016 Urban Music Festival. They were last seen alive on April 2, 2016. Cyphers was taken to the Travis County Jail where his bond was set at $1.5 million. The U.S. Marshals Lone Star Fugitive Task Force and the Austin Police Department are investigating.

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    Johnson & Johnson's early vaccine trial results show most participants developed strong immune response

    Johnson & Johnson announced the start of phase three of its coronavirus vaccine trial this week, citing "positive interim results" from earlier stages of its study. Those were published Friday, and they were indeed promising.The pharmaceutical giant reported that 99 percent of the participants between the ages of 18 and 55 in early-to-mid stage clinical trials developed neutralizing antibodies against the novel virus. The analysis also found that most of the side effects associated with the vaccine were mild and resolved within a matter of days.It wasn't clear, however, whether participants over 65 were well-protected since immune response results were available for only 15 people in that demographic. Additionally, Reuters reports, the rate of adverse reactions — like fatigue and muscle aches — to the vaccine in that age group was just 36 percent, far lower than those seen in 64 percent of the younger participants. That might sound like good news, but it actually suggests the immune response in older people may be weaker.One of the key aspects of Johnson & Johnson's trial is that just a single dose produced a strong immune response in participants. Other companies developing vaccines like Moderna and Pfizer are using a two-dose approach. If Johnson & Johnson's phase three trial, in which 60,000 volunteers will enroll across three continents, eventually proves the single dose is safe and effective, it could simplify distribution of the vaccine. Read more at Reuters and CNN.More stories from theweek.com America is the Holy Roman Empire of the 21st century Democrats need to bring retirement back to politics Wall Street won't let Trump steal the election

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    Black Couple Claims They Felt Racially Profiled By White Manager At A Sporting Goods Store

    Joel and TaMiya, who are Black, say they had just left a sporting goods and apparel store after purchasing their young son his first basketball when the white female manager followed them outside and falsely accused Joel of stealing the item. TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Accused of something terrible? “Anytime a white woman gets into a conflict with a black man in public it’s not a good situation,” says TaMiya, noting that the manager then flagged down police. WATCH: Weigh In: Ever Witness A Black Person Being Treated Unfairly Because Of Race Or Ethnicity? “I was afraid my husband would get tased – or shot,” she says. Joel says, “She sicced those officers on us and told them that we stole a ball that we couldn’t have stolen, because - obviously I didn’t steal it - because I had a receipt,” adding, “I feel like, just [her] lying to a police officer could have got us killed.” Joel and TaMiya say they felt they were racially profiled by the store manager. Watch the video above to find out how claim police treated them. This episode of Dr. Phil airs Friday. Check here to find out where you can watch. TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY:Have an outrageous story that will shock Dr. Phil?

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