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    My wife had a baby in June. She has $140,000 in student loans — and has now asked for my ‘blessing’ to work part time

    ‘Losing $30,000 a year will limit our ability to save for our child’s education, save for retirement, and take vacations. We currently have child care 100% covered between two sets of grandparents.’

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  • Science

    NASA chief warns Congress about Chinese space station

    NASA chief Jim Bridenstine told lawmakers Wednesday it was crucial for the US to maintain a presence in Earth's orbit after the International Space Station is decommissioned so that China does not gain a strategic advantage.

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    What Do Couples Who Have the Most Sex Have in Common? Their Bedroom (But Not in the Way You Think)

    Huh? It's not that the act of changing the sheets is a turn-on in and of itself, but keeping your personal space clean and fresh makes it more...

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  • World
    Associated Press

    Seoul: North Korea kills SKorean official, burns his body

    South Korea said Thursday North Korean troops fatally shot a South Korean government official who may have attempted to defect and set his body on fire, after they found him on a floating object near the disputed sea boundary. It’s unlikely for North Korea to accept the South Korean demand, and the rivals’ ties — already strained amid a deadlock in a broader nuclear diplomacy — would suffer a further setback, observers say. According to Seoul, the man disappeared from a government ship that was checking on potential unauthorized fishing in an area south of the boundary on Monday, a day before he was found in North Korean waters.

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  • Politics
    The Wrap

    Bumble Bee Mocks Trump Comment About Protesters Throwing Cans of Tuna

    Donald Trump has been holding almost daily rallies in which he inevitably says something or other that causes a furor online. And on Tuesday, in Moon Township, Pa., the big one was probably his strange comment about tuna.“Cans of tuna fish. They go out and buy tuna fish and soup. You know that, right?” Trump declared, before saying something incomprehensible about Goya brand foods, which Trump has been actively promoting. “They throw it. It’s the perfect weight, tuna fish, they can really rip it, right? And that hits you. No, it’s true. Bumble Bee brand tuna. And you can throw that [unintelligible], you can put a curve on it, you can do whatever the hell you want.”Trump then complained about how the police in Chicago aren’t allowed to fight back against the alleged tuna-wielding protesters.Also Read: Tucker Carlson Airs Graphic Propaganda Film Defending Alleged Kenosha Killer (Video)You can watch the video of Trump’s tuna rant below.Trump on protesters at PA rally: “They go out and buy tuna fish and soup…they throw it. It’s the perfect weight, tuna fish, they can really rip it…And that hits you…Bumble Bee brand tuna…and [the cops] are not allowed to fight back…”INSANE. pic.twitter.com/js2SY0Mv7v– Amee Vanderpool (@girlsreallyrule) September 23, 2020 The folks at Bumble Bee, which is one of the leading tuna brands in the world, were no doubt confused about Trump calling them out like that, but their social media team managed to put together a brief humorous response on Twitter to this strange comment from the president: “Eat em. Don’t throw em.”Eat em. Don’t throw em.– Bumble Bee Seafoods (@BumbleBeeFoods) September 23, 2020Palmer Report has a theory about why Trump went out of his way to specifically call out Bumble Bee tuna: Bumble Bee was opposed to Trump’s big tariff increase in 2018, while their chief competitor, StarKist, was in favor of the tariffs.The tuna thing wasn’t the only wild comment Trump made at his rally on Tuesday. He also relished the memory of MSNBC reporter Ali Velshi being shot with a rubber bullet by police in Minneapolis in May, calling it a “beautiful sight.” Though he couldn’t remember what network Velshi worked for.Also Read: Seth Meyers: Everything Republicans Say About SCOTUS Picks Is 'Obvious Bulls--' (Video)“The street was a mess. That idiot reporter from CNN got hit on the knee with a canister of tear gas. and he went down,” Trump said, before referring to Velshi as “the one with the shaved head.”This was the second time in less than a week that Trump made comments like this about Velshi being brutalized by police — the previous time was last Friday in Bemidji, Min.Read original story Bumble Bee Mocks Trump Comment About Protesters Throwing Cans of Tuna At TheWrap

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